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List of assassinated persons

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This is an incomplete list of persons that were assassinated for political and other reasons, and who have individual entries.


By region (chronologically)

Please note the chronological sorting order.

Assassinations in Afghanistan

Assassinations in Africa

Assassinations in Canada

  • Thomas D'Arcy McGee, (1868), Canadian father of Confederation.
  • George Brown (1880), newspaper editor and Senator
  • Sergio Pérez Castillo , (1968), Cuban diplomat killed by anti-Castro forces in Montreal
  • Pierre Laporte, (1970), Quebec Minister of Labour.
  • Atilla Altžkat , (1982), Turkish diplomat assassinated by Armenian nationalists in Ottawa
  • Tara Singh Hayer , (1995), journalist killed by Sikh separatists

Assassinations in France

Assassinations in Germany

Assassinations in India

Assassinations in Iran

Assassinations in Ireland and the U.K.

Assassinations in Japan

Assassinations in Mexico

Assassinations in The Netherlands

Assassinations in Russia

Assassinations in Turkey

Assassinations in the United States

Assassinations in Yugoslavia (and successor states)

Assassinations in other regions (chronologically backwards)

Political assassinations

Please note the sorting order: chronologically backwards.

Heads of state and government killed in office

Other political assassinations

Assassinations of other well-known persons

Non political, please note the sorting order: chronologically backwards.

People who died under suspicious circumstances

Please note the sorting order: chronologically backwards.

Assassinated occultists

The Nazis assassinated a number of dignitaries of mystical organisations and secret societies, such as the Rosicrucians. Below is a list of people known to have been assassinated in Germany's Third Reich for their membership in such organisations.

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