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Emperor Sushun of Japan

Emperor Sushun (崇峻天皇) was the 32nd imperial ruler of Japan (587-592). He was the twelfth son of the Emperor Kimmei. His name in birth was Prince Hatsusebe (長谷部皇子, Hatsusebe no miko). His mother Oane no kimi was a daughter of Soga no Iname, the chief of the Soga clan.

He succeeded his brother, Emperor Yomei in 587 with the support of the Soga clan and the Empress Suiko, his sister and the wife of the Emperor Bidatsu. The Mononobe clan allied with Prince Anahobe, another son of Kimmei and attempted to have him installed as emperor, but failed. The head of the Soga clan, Soga no Umako killed Mononobe no Moriya, the head of the clan of Mononobe, which led to the decline of the clan of Mononobe.

He was assassinated in 592 after losing the support of the Soga clan, and was the only Emperor who was assassinated in the entire history of Imperial Japan.

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