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County Meath

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County Meath
Area: 2,342 km
Capital: Navan
Code: MH
Population: 134,005 (2002)
Province: Leinster

Meath (An Mh in Irish) is a county in the Republic of Ireland, the county is often informally called The Royal County. Area: 2342 km (904 square miles). The de facto county town is Navan, where the county hall is located, although Trim has a historical significance, including the location of the circuit court, Norman castle and Anglo-Norman parliament. Other major towns include Ashbourne, Laytown/Bettystown , and Kells with its round tower and monastic past.

Meath has experienced divergent population trends in recent years, with mild depopulation in the north and west of the county being more than offset by large increases in the population of the eastern part of the county, principally due to overspill from Dublin.

Meath (the "middle") was once a province of Ireland in its own right, but now forms part of Leinster. The High King of Ireland sat at Tara. The 5,000-year-old burial site Newgrange (Br na Binne), in the northeast of the county, is a "World Heritage" designated site.



An increasing proportion of Meath residents commute into Dublin, with a resulting shift to a services based economy in the developing dormitory towns.

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