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Area: 24,607.52 kmē
Population: 1,100,614 (2002)
Map of Munster
Alternate uses: See Munster (disambiguation).

Munster (Irish: An Mhumhain) is the southernmost province of Ireland, comprising the counties of Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary and Waterford.

The name is derived from the Celtic goddess, Muma . The province was once divided into six regions Tuadh Mhuman (north Munster), Des Mhuman (south Munster), Urh Mumhan (east Munster), Iar mumhan (north Munster), Ernaibh Muman (the Ernai tribe's portion of Munster), and Deisi Muman (the Deisi tribe's portion of Munster). Ultimately, these were all subsumed into the kingdoms of Thomond (north), Desmond (south), and Ormond (east), all of which were eventually subsumed by surrender and regrant as Earldoms in the Peerage of Ireland. The names exist only indirectly today (for instance: Thomond College of Education, since subsumed into the University of Limerick). The three crowns represent these three kingdoms, this flag can easily be confused with the flag of Dublin which has three castles in a similar pattern on a blue background.

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