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County Limerick

County Limerick
Area: 2,686 kmē
Capital: Limerick
Code: LK
Population: 175,304 (2002)
Province: Munster

Limerick (Luimneach in Irish) is an Irish county in the province of Munster, located in the Mid-west of Ireland with County Clare to the north, County Cork to the south and County Kerry to the west. The River Shannon flows through Limerick city and into the Atlantic Ocean. Below the city, the waterway is known as the Shannon Estuary. Because the estuary is shallow, the county's most important port is several kilometres west of Limerick city, at Foynes.

Limerick city is home to the University of Limerick, originally a purely technical college, well regarded in this field internationally. Limerick is served by Shannon International Airport, Shannon Town in neighbouring County Clare.

Newcastlewest is the most important county town outside the city. Other towns mainly lie along the Limerick - Tralee roads (N69 ,N20 ) and Limerick - Cork road (N21 ).


Rugby is the very popular in Limerick, but is mostly focused around the city and the Garryowen rugby club . The GAA is also strong in Limerick and the county has won the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship seven times, most recently in 1973. The county has not been successful at Gaelic football, last winning the Sam Maguire in 1896.

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