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Patron saint

In several forms of Christianity, a patron saint has special affinity for a trade or group. St. Florian is the patron saint of firefighters, and St. Christopher is the patron saint of travellers, for example. Eastern Orthodoxy generally doesn't associate saints with occupations and activities, or does so to a much lesser degree.

Patron saints can also be associated with geographical areas: St. Joseph is the patron saint of Belgium, and St. Patrick is patron saint of Ireland, for example.

Association with a particular area or profession can be found with tutelary deities from other religions as well.


Saints associated with occupations and activities

Occupations and activities under the patronage of Mary

The Blessed Virgin Mary may be taken as a patron of any good activity; indeed, she is cited as the patron of all humanity. However, certain occupations and activities are more closely associated with her protection.

Saints associated with countries, nations and/or regions

Countries and places under Mary's patronage

A large number of countries, places and groups claim the Blessed Virgin Mary as a patron, though usually under a specific title or apparition.

Dioceses claiming Mary as patron

Non-saint patrons

Saints associated with protection from ailments or illness

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