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A sailor is a member of the crew of a ship or boat. The term may comprise anyone from an admiral in the navy to a person who goes out yachting at weekends as a hobby. A sailor is also specifically an enlisted member of a naval force.

The term can be used even more generally. For example, someone who suffers from travel sickness may say that he or she is "not a good sailor".

In the minds of members of the Royal Navy, the term "sailor" refers to someone who is under sail and not on a vessel with motorised power of any kind.

In the Merchant Navy the term "sailor" has often been used to distinguish able seamen, ordinary seamen, and other members of the deck department from crew members working in other departments, such as catering and the engine-room.

Sailor was a British pop group mostly famous in the 1970s.

Sailor was a major BBC television documentary series, first shown in the late 1970s, about life on board HMS Ark Royal, a British aircraft carrier. The theme tune was "Sailing" by Rod Stewart.

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