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List of historians by area of study

This is a list of historians categorized by their area of study. See also List of historians.


By time period

Ancient history

Medieval history

By nation or geographical area

North America

History of Canada

See also List of Canadian historians.

History of the Caribbean

History of the United States


History of England and Great Britain

History of France

See also List of historians of the French Revolution.

History of Germany

History of Ireland

  • Brian Farrell (born 1929) - Irish political history, historian and emeritus Associated Professor of Politics, UCD

History of Poland

History of Russia

History of Slovenia

  • Bogo Grafenauer (1916--1995)

The Middle East


History of China

History of Korea

History of India

  • A. L. Basham
  • John Keay
  • Percival Spear
  • Romila Thapar

History of Japan

  • Karl Friday

By historical viewpoint









By general category

Art history

Economic history

Military history

Naval history

Gender and sexuality studies

History of ideas, literature, and philosophy

History of business

  • Alfred Chandler

History of international relations

History of science and technology

  • Peter Galison , physics, philosophy, objectivity
  • John L. Heilbron , physics, quantification, astronomy, religion and science
  • Thomas P. Hughes, technology
  • Evelyn Fox Keller , science and gender, biology
  • Daniel J. Kevles , science and politics, physics, biology, eugenics
  • Thomas Kuhn, physics, "paradigm shifts"
  • Abraham Pais, physics
  • George Sarton

World history


By medium


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