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Human sexuality

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Human Sexuality is the expression of sexual feelings due to genetic predisposition or ones own personal experimentation. Sexuality can be influenced by hormonal changes in the development of the fetus during pregnancy. Sexuality influences social behavior. Human sexuality can also be understood as part of the social life of humans, governed by implied rules of behavior status in quo. Sexual identity can be molded by the social environment to which one is exposed, e.g. an authority figure giving a little boy a toy truck to play with, and a girl a doll. Human physiology makes sexuality possible, but it does not predict sexual behavior in any way.

Sexuality molds the environments in which we live, influencing print, audio and video.

Human sexual choices are usually made using cultural social filters. Some may choose to abstain from sex before marriage because their religious creed goes against such actions. In some Eastern cultures it is acceptable for a man to have many wives, while in Western Culture bigamy or polygamy is frowned upon. This summation is made using the cultural filter.

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