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James Chichester-Clark

James Chichester-Clark, Baron Moyola (February 12, 1923 - May 17, 2002), was the fifth Prime Minister of Northern Ireland.

James Chichester-Clark was born on February 12, 1923 at the family home, Moyola Park, Castledawson, County Derry. He was the eldest of three children of James and Marion Clark. In 1924 James Clark changed the family name to Chichester-Clark by deed poll, thus preventing the old ascendancy name Chichester (his wife's maiden name) from dying out.

Educated at Eton College, he fought with the Irish Guards during World War Two, during which he was wounded in action.

After the War he continued in the Army, serving from 1947 to 1950 in Canada as ADC to the Governor General, Earl Alexander of Tunis. He continued in the Army until the late 1950s during which time he married a young widow, Moyra Haughton (nee Morris). He had two daughters and one step-son. He returned to Castledawson to farm.

In 1960 in an uncontested by-election he took over the South Londonderry seat in the Northern Ireland parliament held by his aunt Dame Dehra Parker since 1932.

His political appointments were:

  • Assistant Whip 1963
  • Chief Whip 1963-67
  • Leader of the House 1966-67
  • Minister of Agriculture 1967-69
  • Prime Minister 1969-71

He resigned in 1971 and was created a life peer that same year as Baron Moyola, of Castledawson, County Londonderry.

James Chichester-Clark died on May 17, 2002, the last surviving Prime Minister of Northern Ireland.

Preceded by:
Terence O'Neill
Prime Ministers of Northern Ireland Followed by:
Brian Faulkner


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