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Prime Minister of Northern Ireland

The Prime Minister of Northern Ireland was the head of the Government of Northern Ireland, appointed by the Governor of Northern Ireland under the Government of Ireland Act 1920. The system of government created by the Act, of a bicameral legislature, with a majoritarian system of home rule, was abolished in 1972.

Prime Ministers of Northern Ireland

# Name Took Office Left Office Party
1. Sir James Craig June 7, 1921 November 24, 1940 (death) Unionist Party
2. John Miller Andrews November 25, 1940 May 1, 1943 Unionist Party
3. Sir Basil Brooke May 1, 1943 March 25, 1963 Unionist Party
4. Terence O'Neill March 25, 1963 May 1, 1969 Unionist Party
5. James Chichester-Clark May 1, 1969 March 23, 1971 Unionist Party
6. Brian Faulkner March 23, 1971 March 30, 1972 Unionist Party

A new office, First Minister of Northern Ireland was created by the Belfast Agreement. In contrast with the majoritarianism of the earlier Stormont regime, the new power-sharing assembly operates on the principles of consociational democracy.

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