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List of monarchs of England

England was first unified as a state by Alfred the Great of Wessex. It ceased to exist as a separate kingdom following unions with Scotland (1707) and Ireland (1801). Today, England exists as one of the four "Home Nations" of the United Kingdom, alongside Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, "Her (or His) Majesty's Peculiars", and a number of colonial holdings. Thus from 1707, the terms "King of England" and "Queen of England" are incorrect. Hence, this list runs up to 1707; for monarchs after that date, see List of British monarchs.

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The Saxon kings

Danish Kings

The Saxon Kings

Danish Kings

The Saxon restoration

The Norman kings

After the Norman Conquest in 1066, numbering of kings began anew; this affected only the Edwards.

The Angevins or Plantagenets

The House of Lancaster

The House of York

The House of Tudor

The House of Stuart


There was no reigning king between Charles I's execution in 1649 and the restoration in 1660.

The Stuart restoration

William III, Mary II and Anne used the styled "of Scotland" rather than "of Scots"


1Lady Jane Grey was proclaimed queen on the death of Edward VI; however, Mary I deposed her after 9 days, and so she is not included in the list as she is not considered to have been de jure Queen.

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