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Emperor Go-Uda of Japan

Emperor Go-Uda (後宇多天皇) (December 17, 1267 - July 16, 1324) was the 91st imperial ruler of Japan. He reigned from March 6, 1274 until November 27, 1287. His personal name was Yohito (世仁).


He was the second son of Emperor Kameyama. They were from the Daikakuji line.

  • Consort: Horikawa (Minamoto) Motoko (堀河(源)基子)
  • Consort: Itsutsuji (Fujiwara) Takado(?) (五辻(藤原)忠子)
    • First daughter: Imperial Princess Baiko? (禖子内親王)
    • Second son: Imperial Prince Takaharu? (尊治親王) (Emperor Go-Daigo)
    • Third son: Prince ?? (性円法親王) (Buddhist Priest)
    • Fourth son: Prince ?? (承覚法親王) (Buddhist Priest)
  • Consort: Princess Yuuko (?) (揄子女王)
    • Second daughter: Imperial Princess Yuko? (愉子内親王)


By Retired Emperor Emperor Go-Saga's will, in 1268, he became Crown Prince. Following the late Emperor's will (Go-Saga died in 1272), in 1274, he became Emperor upon the abdication of Emperor Kameyama. The Retired Emperor Kameyama ruled as cloistered Emperor.

During his reign, the Mongol Invasion by the Yuan Dynasty (China) and the Goryeo Dynasty (Korea) occurred. The Mongols unsuccessfully invaded in 1274 and 1281, turned back each time by a typhoon known as the Kamikaze (神風).

In 1287, Retired Emperor Go-Fukakusa, dissatisfied with the fact that his own lineage (the Jimyōin-tō ) did not control the throne, while that of his younger brother, the Retired Emperor Kameyama (the Daikaku-ji did, persuaded both the Bakufu and the Imperial Court to compell the Emperor to abdicate in favor of Go-Fukakusa's son (Emperor Fushimi)

After this time, the struggle between the Jimyōin-tō and the Daikakuji-tō over the Imperial Throne continued. After Go-Uda's abdication, his Daikakuji-tō controlled the Throne from 1301 to 1308 (Emperor Go-Nijō) and again from 1318 until the Era of Northern and Southern Courts (begun 1332) when they became the Southern Court (ending in 1392)

Go-Uda was cloistered Emperor during the reign of his own son, Go-Nijō from 1301 until 1308, and again from 1318, when his 2nd son Go-Daigo took the throne until 1321, when Go-Daigo began direct rule.

In 1324, he passed away.

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