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Emperor Go-Suzaku of Japan

Emperor Go-Suzaku (後朱雀天皇) (December 14, 1009February 7, 1045) was the 69th imperial ruler of Japan. He ruled from 1036 to 1045. His personal name was Atsunaga? (敦良 - possibly also Atsuyoshi or Atsuryō)


His father was Emperor Ichijō. His mother was Fujiwara no Shōshi (or Akiko) (藤原彰子), the daughter of Fujiwara no Michinaga (藤原道長). He was the younger brother and heir to Emperor Go-Ichijō.

  • Fujiwara no Yoshiko? (藤原嬉子) - daughter of Fujiwara no Michinaga
  • Imperial Princess Teiko? (禎子内親王) - daughter of Emperor Sanjō
  • Mothers unknown
    • 1029-1077 Imperial Princess ??ko (良子内親王) - Ippin-Junzō-no-miya? (一品准三宮)
    • 1032-1103 Imperial Princess ??ko (娟子内親王) - Minamoto no ??? (源俊房室)
    • 1038-1105 Imperial Princess Yūko? (祐子内親王) - Mishina-Junzō-no-miya?? (三品准三宮)
    • 1039-1096 Imperial Princess ??ko (禖子内親王) - Rokujō Saiin (六条斎院)
    • 1045-1114 Imperial Princess Shōko? (正子内親王) - Oshikōji-Saiin (押小路斎院)

Consorts and Empresses

  • 1013-1094 Empress (kōgō): Imperial Princess Teiko? (禎子内親王), third daughter of Emperor Sanjō
  • 1016-1039 Empress (chūgū): Fujiwara no ??ko (藤原嫄子), adopted daughter of Fujiwara no Yorimichi; biological daughter of Imperial Prince Atsuyasu (敦康親王), daughter of Emperor Ichijō, hence, half-sister
  • 1007-1025 Empress Dowager: Fujiwara no Yoshiko?, fourth daughter of Fujiwara no Michinaga
  • 1014-1068 Court Lady: Fujiwara no Ikuko? (藤原生子), eldest daughter of Fujiwara no Norimichi
  • 1016-1095 Court Lady: Fujiwara no Nobuko? (藤原延子), daughter of Fujiwara no Yorimune (藤原頼宗)

Eras of his reign

  • Chōgen
  • Chōryaku
  • Chōkyū
  • Kantoku
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