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Fujiwara clan

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The Fujiwara clan (藤原) was a clan of regents who monopolized the title of Sekkan, Sessho and Kampaku. The founder Nakatomi no Kamatari was given the surname Fujiwara by Emperor Tenji.

During the Nara period Fujiwara clan established their political influence. Fujiwara no Fuhito, the son and heir of Kamatari was prominent at the court of several emperors and empresses. He made his daughter Miyako a concubine of the Emperor Mommu. Her son, Prince Obito became the Emperor Shomu. Fuhito succeeded in making another of his daughters, Komyoshi, the empress of Shomu. She was the first empress of Japan who didn't derive from the imperial family. Fuhito had four sons and each of those four founded a family. Among them, Hokke (North family) seized the power and was considered the leader of the entire clan.

During Heian periods of Japanese history, the Fujiwara clan, precisely Fujiwara Hokke managed to establish a hereditary claim to the position of regent, either for an underage emperor (Sessho) or for an adult one (Kampaku). Some prominent Fujiwaras occupied these positions more than once, and for more than one emperor. Lesser members of the Fujiwara were court nobles, provincial governors and vice governors, members of the provincial aristocracy, and samurai.

During the 13th century, the Fujiwara northern house was split into the five regent houses (五摂家): Konoe, Takatsukasa, Kujo, Nijo and Ichijo. They monopolized the offices of Sessho and Kampaku in turn.


Regent Lived Sessho Kampaku
Yoshifusa 804872 866872
Mototsune 836891 876884 (887890
Tadahira 880949 930941 941949
Saneyori 900970 969970 967969
Koretada 924972 970972
Kanemichi 925977 973977
Yoritada 924989 977986
Kaneie 929990 986990 990
Michitaka 953995 990993 993995
Michikane 961995 995
Michinaga 9661028 10161017
Yorimichi 9901074 10171020 10201068
Norimichi 9971075 10681075
Morozane 10421101 10871091 10751087, 10911094
Moromichi 10621099 10941099
Tadazane 10781162 11071114 11061107, 11141121
Tadamichi 10971164 11231129, 11421151 11211123, 11291142, 11511158
Motozane 11431166 11651166 11581165
Motofusa 11441230 11661173 11731179
Moroie 11721238 1184

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