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List of Danish monarchs

This is a list of Danish monarchs, that is, the Kings and ruling Queen of Denmark, including Regents of the Kalmar Union. This includes:

Gorm the Old was the first Danish monarch who is known to be a real person. All reigns before him are dubious. Denmark has one of the longest running unbroken lines of succession in the world, second only to that of the Japanese emperors.

The house of Oldenburg held the Danish Crown between 1448 and 1863, when it passed to the house of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg. The kingdom had been elective until 1660, and until 1864 it was also united in personal union with the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein. Danish name forms are given in parenthesis.

List of dubious Danish monarchs

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  • 794-803? : Sigfred (Sigurd) Snogoje of South Jutland note!: A mix of two person, both kings of Denmark. Sigurd Snake-Eye' after Eric II the Younger.
  • a Harald before Godfred or before Sigfred
  • 798?-810 : Godfred (Gudrød, Godfrid)
  • 810-812 : Hemming, nephew of Godfred reigned two years after Godfred's death

Civil war 812-814 five kings

  • 813: Sigfred, another nephew of Godfred
  • 813: Anulo , a nephew of the Harald before Godfred
  • 812,813,814, 819-826 : Harold I (Harald Klak), brother of Anulo and nephew of Godfred
  • 813-814 : Reginfrid , another brother of Anulo
  • 814-827, sole ruling 827-854, died 854 : Eric I the Old, one of four co-rulers and sons of Godfred
  • 854- after 864 : Eric II the Child , whose daughter married Harald I of Norway, was a son of Eric the Old's brother.
  • 803-850 : Canute I (Knud I). A mix of two persons, not kings of Denmark.
  • died ca 863 : Harold I (Harald Klak) in exile
  • before 873-? : the two young co-rulers, Halfdan (of Frisian?) and Sigfrid (Sigurd Snakeeye).
  • a Swedish "Olof Dynasty" from about 900 with Olof as its first king, he was a son of Sigfrid's brother Ivar the Boneless'.
    • at least 934 : Chnuba by christen name: Knud
    • after 934 Gorm the Old by christen name: Gothrum, and english name Worm
  • died 936 : Sigtryg, last king of the "Olof Dynasty" in exile.

Note: Above list of dubious kings affected the numbering of subsequent Danish monarchs:

  1. Harold Bluetooth is sometimes accounted as Harald II and hence Harald II Svendsen as III and Harald Hen as IV.
  2. Canute the Great as Knud II.

List of Danish monarchs

House of Oldenburg

The House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg

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