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Christian I of Denmark

Christian I of Denmark (14261481), Danish monarch and union king of Denmark (14481481), Norway (14501481) and Sweden (14571464), under the Kalmar Union. In Sweden his short tenure as regent was preceded by viceroys, Jöns Bengtsson Oxenstierna and Erik Axelsson Tott and succeeded by viceroy Kettil Karlsson Vasa.

Kristian I
Reign From September 28, 1448

- until May 21, 1481 in Denmark
From 1450
- until May 21, 1481 in Norway
1457 - 1464 in Sweden

Coronation 1449 in Denmark

1457 in Sweden

Royal House Oldenburg
Consorts Dorothea of Brandenburg
Predecessors Christopher of Bavaria in Denmark

Carl I in Norway
Jöns Bengtsson Oxenstierna and
Erik Axelsson Tott in Sweden

Successors John in Denmark and Norway

Kettil Karlsson Vasa in Sweden

Date of Birth 1426
Place of Birth Oldenburg
Date of Death May 21, 1481
Place of Death Copenhagen, Denmark

He was born in February 1426 in Oldenburg. His father was Count Dietrich of Oldenburg (died 1444). His mother was his father's second wife, Hedwig of Schleswig and Holstein (died 1436). Christian had two brothers, Count Moritz V of Delmenhorst (1428 - 1464) and Count Gerhard VI of Oldenburg and Delmenhorst (1430 - 1500), and one sister Adelheid.

Christian married Dorothea of Brandenburg (1430 - November 25 1495), the widow of King Christopher of Bavaria and thus dowager queen, on October 28 1449 in Copenhagen. Dorothea and Christian had five children:

  1. Olaf (1450-1451)
  2. Knut (1451-1455)
  3. John (Kung Hans) (1455 - 1513), Duke of Schleswig and Holstein, King of Denmark, Norway and Sweden
  4. Margarete of Denmark (1456-1486), 13 years old married to the 17 years old King James III of Scotland
  5. Frederick (1471-1533), Duke of Schleswig and Holstein, King of Denmark and Norway

King Christian died in Copenhagen on May 21, 1481, at the age of 55. Through his fourth and fifth children respectively, he was an ancestor to James VI, of Scotland and England, and his wife, Anne of Denmark. He is therefore an ancestor to the present-day British royal family, including Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Preceded by:
Christopher III
King of Denmark Succeeded by:
Carl I King of Norway
Jöns Oxenstierna and Erik Tott King of Sweden Charles VIII

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