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House of Savoy

The House of Savoy was a dynasty of nobles who traditionally had their domain in Savoy, a region between Piedmont, Italy, France and French-speaking Switzerland. They once had claims on the modern canton of Vaud in Switzerland, but their access to it was cut by Geneva during the Reformation, after which it was conquered by Bern.

House of Savoy

They became Kings of Sardinia and later of Italy.

Their Kingdom ended with the referendum by which Italians chose the republic as the form of state — see also birth of the Italian Republic. Under the Constitution of the Italian Republic, male descendants of the House of Savoy were forbidden from entering Italy. This provision was removed in 2002.

The house descended from Humbert I, Count of Sabaudia (or "Maurienne") (Italian Umberto I "Biancamano"), (1003-1047 or 1048), and includes the Counts of Savoy, the Dukes of Savoy, the Kings of Sardinia, and the Kings of Italy. Piedmont was later joined with Sabaudia, and the name evolved into "Savoy" (Italian "Savoia").


List of rulers

Counts of Savoy

Main Branch

Dukes of Savoy

Kings of Sardinia

Savoy-Carignano Branch

House of Savoy

Kings of Italy

Rulers of other countries

Heads of the House of Savoy since 1946:

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Name, motto, titles

Name of the dynasty: Real Casa di Savoja.

Motto: FERT

The Motto is believed an acronym of
  • "Foedere Et Religione Tenemur" (We will be kept together by the [constitutional] pact and by religion)
but others suggest:
  • "Fortitudo Eius Rhodum Tenuit" (His [Our Lord's] strength preserved Rhodes) or
  • "Fides Est Regni Tutela" (Faith is the protection of the kingdom)
  • the proposed origin from "Foemina Erit Ruina Tua" (Woman will be your ruin) is obviously only a satire.

Titles of the Crown at the time of Vittorio Amedeo III:

VITTORIO AMEDEO III, per la grazia di Dio Re di Sardegna, Cipro e Gerusalemme; Duca di Savoja, Monferrato, Chablais , Aosta, e Genevese; Principe di Piemonte ed Oneglia ; Marchese d'Italia Saluzzo, Susa, Ivrea, Ceva , Maro, Oristano, Sezana ; Conte di Moriana , Geneva, Nizza, Tenda , Asti, Alessandria, Goceano ; Barone di Vaud e di Faucigny; Signore di Vercelli, Pinerolo , Tarantasia , Lumellino , Val di Sesia ; Principe e Vicario perpetuo del Sacro Romano Imperio in Italia.

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