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Amadeus VIII of Savoy

Amadeus VIII (1383 - November 7, 1451), surnamed the Peaceful was the Count of Savoy from 1391 to 1416 and the Duke of Savoy from 1416 to 1440. He was also the antipope Felix V from November 1439 to April 1449.

He married Mary of Burgundy, daughter of Philip II, Duke of Burgundy and granddaughter of John II of France and had nine children:

Margaret of Savoy (1405-1418)
Anthony of Savoy (1407)
Anthony of Savoy (1408)
Margaret of Savoy (1410-1479) married Louis III, king of Napoli, Louis IV, palatine elector and Ulric V, duke of Wurtemberg
Mary of Savoy, married Phillip Visconti, duke of Milan
Amadeus of Savoy, prince of Piemonte (1412 + 1431)
Louis I of Savoy
Bonne of Savoy (1415 + 1430)
Phillip of Savoy, count of Genève (1417 + 1444)

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Preceded by:
Amadeus VII
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