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Philip II of Savoy

Philip II (b.1443-d.1497), surnamed the Landless, was the Duke of Savoy from 1496 to 1497.

He married

1. Margaret of Bourbon and had 2 children from this marriage
1. Louise d.1532, married Charles of Valois-Orléans, Count of Angoulême, had children including:
Francis I of France whose daughter Margaret of Valois married to Emanuele Filiberto
2. Filiberto II
2. Claudine or Claudina of Brittany and had 3 children from this marriage
1. Carlo III
2. Philiberta d.1524, married Julian II di Medici, duke of Nemours
3. Philip b.1490-d.1533, duke of Nemours

Preceded by:
Charles II
Duke of Savoy Succeeded by:
Philibert II
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