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Alien experiment (Lilo & Stitch)

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An alien experiment is a creature in the animated television show Lilo & Stitch: The Series. Stitch refers to the other experiments as his "cousins".

Upon encountering each experiment, Lilo gives the experiment a name just as she gave Stitch his name.


Experiment series

The hundreds digits of the experiments' numbers reflect what series they belong to. The unofficial series of experiments are as follows:

  • 0-Series: Jumba's test batch, including many household helpers. (12 known experiments)
  • 1-Series: Civic disturbances. (10 known experiments)
  • 2-Series: Technological and Scientific. (11 known experiments)
  • 3-Series: Psychological. (12 known experiments)
  • 4-Series: Custom and Social experiments. (2 known experiments)
  • 5-Series: Elemental manipulators. (12 known experiments)
  • 6-Series: Battlefield or Doomsday experiments with galactic implications. (17 known experiments)

Note: The colors of the Experiment Pods were originally supposed to corresponded to the series numbers.

List of experiments

Experiments 000 – 099

Experiment 007 - Gigi

007 looks like a Shih Tzu dog. Her main power is to annoy people with her constant barking. Mertle gives Gigi's best in show award to Lilo and Stitch.

Experiment 010 - Felix

010 is green with a brush on his tail and a vacuum-like nose. He is designed to sterilise, disinfect, and clean everything in sight.

Lilo and Stitch find out about Felix from Jumba after they get dirty from playing around. They then find and capture 010 cleaning up at the beach. They ask Felix to clean up their house, and the hula school is located. He then becomes obsessively neat, trying to destroy "all potential sources of filth" - including Lilo, Stitch, and Jumba.

Felix is most likely named after Felix Unger, a character from the play/TV show The Odd Couple.

Experiment 010.2 - Oscar

Appears in the same episode as Experiment 010. Oscar is a reprogrammed version of Felix, who now makes messes instead of cleaning things up. Oscar is given to Gantu in the end of the episode.

Oscar is most likely named after Oscar Madison, a character from the play/TV show The Odd Couple.

Experiment 020 - Slick

Slick is a fast talking experiment that always wears a hat and has a cane. He speaks with a southern drawl. Jumba programmed Slick as a salesperson who never says no and doesn't turn down a customer.

Slick sells chocolate bars at Lilo’s request in order to beat Mertle in a fundraiser, which turns out to be a big mistake.

Experiment 025 - Topper

025 is a small, star-shaped creature. His purpose is to be a beacon to the experiment attack fleet.

Topper is placed atop the local Christmas tree, and emits a light so bright that aliens from other galaxies can see it from Earth. This experiment most likely got its number from Christmas Day (025/December 25).

Experiment 029 - Checkers

Checkers is a crown shaped experiment. When worn on any living creature's head he makes that creature King or Queen depending on its gender. He has no effect on experiments 030-628.

Experiment 030 - Poki

Poki pokes holes in liquid containers with his spikey tail.

Experiment 032 - Fibber

032 is small, orange and red. He beeps loudly every time someone tells a lie. Fibber complicates matters when Agent Pleakley lies and tells his mother he is going to get married.

Experiment 033 - Hammerface

Experiment 033 is a gray creature with a hammer-shaped head. Gantu & Lilo gave him his nickname.

Hammerface is designed to drive in nails around Jumba's house, but at times he will pound living things. He is revealed along with Thresher, Dupe, Heat, and Plasmoid. Dupe replicates him 100 times over but he is apparently later reintegrated by Dupe.

At one point, Hammerface was mislabeled as "124", and in "The Asteroid", Pleakley calls him "Hammerhead".

Experiment 040 - Backhoe

Backhoe is revealed along with Shoe and Checkers. He is designed to scrape up vegetation with his mole-like claws.

Experiment 062 - Frenchfry

062 is a small grey coloured creature with a moustache, a head is shaped like a chef’s hat and a spatula for a tail. He speaks with a French accent.

This experiment was originally intended to be Dr. Hämsterviel's personal chef. However, the food prepared by him was very unhealthy, which makes them extremely fat, at which time Experiment 062 would eat them.

Experiment 089 - Skip

Skip experiment can teleport himself and anyone 10 years at a time by just patting his head. The side-effects of this experiment ages anyone teleported the same number of years.

Experiments 100 – 199

Experiment 110 - Squeak

Designed to annoy entire planets with its never ending talking.

Experiment 113 - Shoe

This experiment has the power of controlling luck. Lilo names him Shoe because he needed shoes. When his horns are up they cause good luck when down he makes bad luck. Lilo places him at a miniature golf course where he makes people score a hole-in-one.

Experiment 119 - Fudgy

Fudgy is mistaken for Experiment 611, a sort of weapon of mass destruction. Fudgy is a really chocolate experiment. He is designed to smother you with its chocolatey goodness. This is one of many "joke" experiments in the series that is mentioned but never actually appears.

Experiment 133 - PJ

PJ (short for Practical Joker) makes practical jokes. Lilo uses him when she gets angry at a substitute hula teacher who keeps blaming her for Mertle’s pranks. PJ's face resembles Groucho Marx (complete with eye glasses) and has a functioning blow-forn for a tail.

Experiment 149 - Bonnie

Note: she is called 349 in the episode but is officially on Disney’s website and in Spike's episode, she is called 149.'

149 is green and smaller than Stitch. Her only power is that she can steal things without the victim knowing.

She is found with 150. Bonnie is the only female experiment that has been revealed so far that can speak English. With Experiment 150, Lilo, Stitch and Experiment 149 wreak havoc in town. Lilo and Stitch eventually capture them and 149 and 150 end up in prison serving hamburgers.

Bonnie is most likely named after bank robber Bonnie Parker.

Experiment 150 - Clyde

Note: he is called 350 in the episode but is officially on Disney's website and in Spike's episode, he is called 158.'

Clyde is a chartreuse-coloured experiment that is bigger than his partner, Bonnie. Clyde tends to be the muscle of the duo. His power also is stealing. His right hand is a sort of gun.

Clyde is most likely named after bank robber Clyde Barrow.

Experiment 151 - Babyfier

151 is a small, pink creature with a big head, and a pacifier in his mouth. With his baby rattle-shaped tail, he emits a pink powder which can disable planets by turning adults into babies.

Lilo uses it to get into a movie she can’t get into because she is not old enough, but Stitch, Nani, Jumba, and Pleakley eventually get turned into babies as well. The antidote to Babyfier's power is discovered to be applesauce, bananas, and 100% kona coffee.

Lilo and Stitch finds 151's one true place at the dog pound making older dogs young again (thus making them more appealing to potential adopters).

Experiment 158 - Finder

Note: Finder is called 458 in his episode but on official Disney sites, and in Checkers' episode, he is called 158.

158 looks like a red anteater. His primary power is that he can find anything and everything. When he finds something he honks. He is the only experiment who doesn't seem to have an evil application for Jumba to brag about.

Finder is activated when Dr. Hämsterviel escapes from prison and heads for Earth. Meanwhile, Lilo & Stitch discovers Finder. When they discover that Dr. Hämsterviel is on Earth, everyone sets out to find Hämsterviel but they come up to a fork in the path and Stitch says they should go one way and Finder says they should go another.

Finder and Stitch compete to find Dr. Hämsterviel. Eventually, they team up and help Lilo and company find and capture Dr. Hämsterviel. Hämsterviel, however, is living it up with Mertle Edmons, who mistakes him for a cute fuzzy pet, and is heartbroken when he has to leave her. A few strings are pulled, however, and Hämsterviel is allowed to speak to Mertle's class for show and tell before he is sent back to the prison asteroid.

Experiment 177 - Clip

177 looks like a small yellow hairball. She also has a pink bow and long scissor-like claws. She eats hair. She was originally created to eat uburnium -- an efficent, cheep, and abundant fuel used in outer space -- in order to create a fuel crisis. However, it turned out that in Jumba's native language, "uburnium" sounds like or is the same word as "hair", so the experiment ends up eating Jumba's hair instead of the uburnium.

As 177 eats more hair, she grows larger and larger and can only be tamed by shampoo and hair conditioning products. Lilo uses her to get revenge on Mertle, but Clip ends of making Mertle's mother and most of the town bald. Lilo and Stitch eventually finally tame her and find Clip's true place at the beauty salon.

Experiment 199 - Nosy

199 is a experiment with a pig-like figure body and a big nose. His power is to reveal your most embarrassing secrets. Lilo tries to use him when she wants to impress Keoni Jameson, her crush.

He was later caught by Gantu and Nosy reveals secrets about him to Dr. Hämsterviel. Gantu thought that this experiment would tell him all Lilo and Stitch's experiment files, but soon found out that he only talks about useless information. He apparently was able to later escape from Gantu as he was show to be again on the loose in a later episode (“Spike”).

Experiments 200 – 299

Experiment 202 - Jam

202 is a purple, 4-armed bat-like experiment with horn-shaped ears and a lion-like tail. He jams radar.

Experiment 221 - Sparky

Sparky is a small, light yellowish creature that resembles a Chinese dragon. Sparky can create crippling electric surges.

221 is first revealed in Stitch! The Movie. Lilo releases him to power Jumba's spaceship, after Jumba is kidnapped. Lilo and Stitch later use him to power a lighthouse. He makes several appearances in the TV series. During the Angel episode he is turned evil. In "The Asteroid" he helps to destroy the asteroid and save Earth. In the Elastico episode he fixes Lilo's jewelry.

Experiment 222 - Poxy

222 looks a little like a cell. This experiment is designed to bring down popular planetary leaders by getting inside them and giving them a disease. The symptoms are purple pimples, smelly feet, and uncontrollable burping.

Pleakley is first to catch and gets infected by 222. Lilo and Stitch have to venture inside Pleakley’s body to capture the experiment. Experiment 222 escapes and Gantu catches the experiment, but Lilo believes that Poxy's true place is inside Gantu’s body.

Experiment 228 - Melty

228 looks sort of like a small red dragon. Melty can melt enemy fortresses, weapons, and transportation, among other things. Lilo and Stitch have to capture Melty several times, going back in time several times so Lilo can capture and experiment without embarrassing herself in front of Keoni.

Experiment 254 - Mr. Stenchy

254 is cute but he stinks. Mr. Stenchy is mainly designed to trick his enemies into taking him to their house. Once there, Mr. Stenchy lets out his terrible stench.

The noxious odor is released 42 hours after activation. Lilo finds Mr. Stenchy’s one true place on Agent Pleakley's planet, where its stench is considered a good perfume.

Experiment 258 - Sample

258 has big ears like speakers and is bright orange. His main purpose is to play back random sounds in a loop to annoy his enemy. His one true place is providing backbeats for an originally rhythm-less musical group.

Experiment 297 - Shortstuff

297 was activated at a carnival after Stitch destroys a lemonade stand. This experiment resembles a crab, and is designed to destroy machinery by going inside and cutting the mechanism and electrical wiring with his four claws. This experiment's squat size, and the fact that he likes to 'short' out electrical 'stuff', is the reason Lilo named named him "Shortstuff."

Experiments 300 – 399

Experiment 300 - Spooky

300 is a small, green blob. His primary function is to scare people by morphing into their worst fears. 300 is revealed during Halloween. Spooky reveals Stitch's fear of water, which he uses against Stitch. Eventually Lilo and Stitch are able to conquer their fears and capture Experiment 300.

Experiment 303 - Amnesio

303 is a small, blue insect-like creature with large eyes. His special power is erasing people's memory. He can also fly.

Amnesio gives amnesia to Gantu, Lilo, Stitch, Pleakley and Jumba. The password, "ohana!" must be spoken to reverse its powers. After Lilo's birthday party, he was given to Dr. Hämsterviel, who promptly loses his memory.

Experiment 319 - Spike

319 looks like a gray porcupine. His special power is reducingthe victim's IQ by 99%. Lilo uses him to prevent Mertle from cheating at a contest they are both entered in. His episode also features the experiments Splodyhead, Slushy, Bonnie, Clyde, Fibber, and Nosey.

Experiment 323 - Hunkahunka

323, also known as "Hunkahunka" by Lilo, is a little pink experiment. When 323 pecks people, they fall in love with the next person they see. Lilo uses Hunkahunka to make Keoni fall in love with her, but she learns about the negative effects of fake love. Hunkahunka makes many people in town spontaneously fall in love until Gantu captures 323. Knowing the dangers of false love, Lilo lets him get away.

Hunkahunka is named after a lyric in the Elvis song, "Burnin' Love", and Lilo refers to him as a "Hunkahunka bird of love".

Experiment 344 - Dupe

344 is a small, raccoon-like creature with light brown fur and dark brown stripes. He is able to generate clones with an appendage on his head; however, the traits of the cloned object become divided amongst the original and the clones.

Lilo uses Dupe to generate 3 clones of Stitch to have a group of friends like Mertle has. Each Stitch has a fraction of the strength and agility that the original had. Lilo finds Dupe's one true place making low-fat, low-calorie ice cream clones for sale.

Experiment 345 - Elastico

Elastico is a green, ear-less, monkey-like creature without a tail and a white face with a large red nose. He moves around like he was made of rubber. Elastico is designed to distract enemies by performing tricks with his elastic body. He is found already activated and in his one true place: the circus. Stitch briefly replaces him in the circus after Gantu captures Elastico. Much like ShortStuff (297), Elastico's true calling was entertainment.

Experiment 355 - Swapper

Swapper is a two-headed green experiment that causes people's minds to switch. Only Swapper himself can undo the switch. In his episode, he switches Lilo's mind with Stitch's mind, Jumba with Pleakly Hämsterveil with Gantu, and eventually switched all four protagonists' minds. Lilo keeps him, but his "one true place" is not revealed.

Experiment 360 - Drowsy

Drowsy is an experiment that looks like a sheep. Drowsy is designed to put people to sleep by saying "baaaaa". Stitch uses Drowsy to put Lilo to sleep to help Lilo arrive on time. Drowsy's one place was working at the hotel putting people to sleep.

Experiment 375 - Phantasmo

Experiment 375 is a phantom-like experiment that can inhabit and animate inanimate objects. It gets loose in the family's house, inhabits Lilo's toys and creates all sorts of mess, for which Stitch gets the blame. In the end Phantasmo is 'caught' and works at the Macky Macaw restaurant, animating a Macky Macaw robot, a robotic parrot.

Experiment 383 - Swirly

Swirly is a small turquoise experiment with swirled eyes, as his name implies. He can hypnotise anyone into obeying the next command he or she is given. A simple snap of someone's fingers seems to be enough to bring them back to normal though.

Experiment 390 - Slimy

390 is a large slimy creature with eyes for tentacles. He is designed to leave a slippery snail-like trail to trip up enemies. He first appeared at the end of Stitch! The Movie. Experiment 627, in his episode, stole him from Stitch.

Experiments 400 – 499

Experiment 455 - Mary

Mary is big and round. She is the bouncer for Jumba's lab. One hip check from her sends you flying. Jumba briefly considered giving it the number "086" as a little joke (on Jumba's planet of Quelta Quan, as here, to "86" someone means to remove them from the premises.) But the number was already taken by another experiment.

Experiment 489 - Huggo

Huggo is a large, round, purple, octopus-like experiment with 10 tentacles. He can squeeze the life out of you.

Experiments 500 - 599

Experiment 501 - Yin

501 is a blue creature that looks like a cross between a octopus and a squid. Her power is that she can spray water from any source. When she's about to spray water, her head gets bigger. She is activated with Yang. Jumba said that should these two experiments touch each other, they will cause a giant explosion of end of the world proportions. In the end, they turn out to be a good example of Yin and Yang, two things coming together to create something new. ¨C they use fire and water to create a new island.

Experiment 502 - Yang

502 is a red creature. He looks like a big bug on four legs, however his body curves in the middle. His special power is spouting magma. He is revealed along with Yin.

Experiment 509 - Sprout

509 is a plant-type experiment with a green stem and leaves-like body and a purple face. He is designed to sprout into an uncontrollable forest of destruction. Lilo and Stitch end up catching him after he has grown a lot and put him in an old water tower which looks like a pineapple and was also going to be torn down.

Experiment 513 - Richter

513 is a small, purple, Ankylosaurus and cat-like creature with a triangular shape at the end of his tail. He can cause Kauai-hattering earthquakes with one thump of his tail. He gets his name from the Richter scale. Like Slushy, Richter's true calling was making snacks.

Experiment 515 - Deforestator

515 is a big purple creature designed to cut down entire forests with his claws and blade-like neck. Deforestator appears along with 627, when Stitch brags so much about how he catches experiments so easily, so Jumba creates a better 626, 627.

Experiment 520 - Cannonball

520 is slightly bigger than Stitch. He is purple and has a big posterior. His special power is making big waves or (tsunamis). He "walks" by bouncing around on his butt. Gantu tries to capture 520. Lilo and Stitch fear for the island because they think he is going to create an island-flooding tsunami, but it turns out that 520 can control his tsunamis. He creates a tsunami just big enough to send Gantu to San Francisco.

Experiment 523 - Slushy

523 is a small, ice coloured creature with three icicles on his head. He was created to freeze land with his breath. 523 chills things off in Kokaua Town during a very hot day. He makes it so cold that it starts to snow. Slushy also battles with Splodyhead (Experiment 619) and 523. Splodyhead wins and restores the warm climate of the island. Slushy finds his one true place at the ice cream shop creating shaved-ice.

Experiment 529 - Digger

Experiment 529 is also known as Digger. He was designed to dig holes. He is activated in Stitch! The Movie. His first appearance in the series was in "The Asteroid". Digger is designed to drill hole through planets.

Experiment 540 - Phoon

This will be updated when the episode airs on May 27, 2005.

Experiment 544 - Thresher

544 is a small, dark blue creature with six ball-like tentacles. His special power is that he can thrash crops with his mace-like appendages. He is revealed with Experiment 344. He, Hammerface, Plasmoid, and Heat were all captured by Gantu. Gantu tries to clone all of them using Dupe to make his own army, but just ends up with a weak assortment of experiments. Some sources have spelled this experiment's name as "Thrasher", but "Thresher" is the correct spelling.

Experiment 586 - Tank

Experiment 586 was designed to eat metal. Each time he does he grows bigger. Stitch teams up with Mertle to try to capture him. Tank is eventually caught by Gantu and sent to Hämsterviel.

Experiments 600 – 628

Experiment 601 - Kixx

601 is a purple creature with four arms. He was designed with special kickboxing skills. He may not be as strong as Stitch but he is still very strong. He originally uses his fighting skills against everyone on the island. Lilo and Stitch try to stop Kixx but he easily defeats Stitch in their first meeting because Stitch has forgotten all his training. This makes him sick and forget how to fight. Lilo is able to retrain Stitch to defeat Kixx.

They find 601's true place teaching, kickboxing. This was shown with him doing an infomercial.

Experiment 602 - Sinker

Sinker is a small, shark-like experiment that was designed to destroy and sink enemy ships with its large razor-like fin. After activation, he is constantly sinking and destroying boats and ships that are getting ready for an annual Aloha Boat Race competition.

Lilo and Stitch finally catch Sinker after he causes their cruiser to stop before it hits the beach. Lilo and Stitch find Sinker's true place at a Japanese restaurant where he uses his large fin to cut up vegetables for the chefs.(RD)

Experiment 603 - Zap

603 is a bright yellow living laser bolt. He is revealed along with the new Experiment 627. When 603 is caught, the bolt is tearing up a farm.

Experiment 604 - Houdini

604 looks like a rabbit with four brown spots on her (two spots are on her elbows and two are on her knees). Her special power is that she can make anything disappear with a blink of her huge eyes. However, she can be startled easily and makes herself invisible.

She is activated when Stitch cannot do any disappearing acts during a magic show. When she is revealed to everyone, they take pictures of her and she goes blind temporarily. She blinks her eyes multiple times after this but when she does that she makes everything in town disappear.

Experiment 606 - Holio

Holio is a experiment that has red fur. He has a humongous mouth and when he opens it, it creates a matter sucking black hole. His one true place is in construction and he helps rebuild the rental shop on the beach.

Experiment 608 - Slugger

Experiment 608 is designed to hit a home run or deflect projectiles. Lilo finds Slugger, and decides his projectile-deflection skills would make him an excellent pinch-hitter for her baseball team facing Mertle’s own team. Possession of Slugger is wagered when Mertle recruits Gantu and changes the game of choice to basketball.

Experiment 609 - Heat

Experiment 609 is purchased in pod form by Gantu to form his own experiment army. Heat is shaped like 625, only red, with a large black oval on his forehead. From this oval the experiment can fire heat. Heat is defeated after Dupe duplicates him many times over, weakening each experiment.

Experiment 611 - Doomsday

Gantu mistakes Experiment 611 for Experiment 119. Doomsday can make the universe implode when Jumba speaks the password. Fortunately, Jumba can't remember the word.

Experiment 613 - Yaarp

Yaarp looks a bit like Drowsy, but instead of sending people to sleep, his power is to make a literally deafening sonic blast. Pleakley is sent to go after him, as he has no ears. Pleakly ends up saving Yaarp and they become friends. Yaarp becomes an experiment invasion alarm.

Experiment 617 - Plasmoid

617 is revealed with Dupe, Thresher, Hammerface and Heat. Plasmoid is designed to fire plasma blasts from its tail. Lilo finds a home for 617 and he was sent to Dr. Hämsterviel.

Experiment 619 - Splodyhead

While still a pod, 619 was carried by a bird to the Forbidden Island, where no one lives. Lilo, Stitch, Jumba, Experiment 625 and Pleakley battle him, but are unable to defeat him until they all band together. Lilo makes a deal with Gantu to take Gantu off the island in exchange for Splodyhead. Splodyhead now lights luau torches with David.

Experiment 624 - Angel

624 is a small pink experiment. She looks like a female version of Stitch. Her special power is the ability to sing a siren song that turns good experiment evil. This power has no effect on 625 and Stitch, who both compete for her affections.

Experiment 625

625 is a small, yellow creature who looks somewhat like Stitch. He has all the powers of Stitch, except he is so lazy that he has never used them. He is also a glutton for sandwiches and unlike most of the other experiments, speaks English with a hint of a Brooklyn accent.

625 is first revealed in Stitch! The Movie. He is taken with Jumba when Gantu comes looking for the experiment pods, and he is later activated by Hästerviel in order to coerce Jumba into revealing the other experiments' locations. 625 eventually becomes Gantu's sidekick, but has shown he is a good guy at heart.

Experiment 626 - Stitch

626 is an experiment who is virtually indestructible. He can think faster than a supercomputer, has super senses of sight and hearing and can lift objects 3000 times his own weight. His only weakness is water as he cannot swim due to his molecular density. Stitch has 2 extra, retractable arms, spikes that run along his back and retractable antennae on his head.

Experiment 627

627 was created to be better than Stitch. Jumba gives him all the strengths of Stitch and 20 other experiments, but didn't give him any of his weaknesses. 627’s powers include telekinesis and ice breath. He is red, able to sprout six arms and an extra head and can only say, "Evil!" 627 can also unhinge his mouth like the xenomorph from Alien. He was captured by Gantu, who decided to use him as his new sidekick.

Lilo learns that 627's only apparent weakness was an enhanced sense of humour. Lilo and Stitch exploited this and were able to defeat 627 by dehydrating him back into pod form.

Unactivated Pods

An unactivated pod is an alien experiment that has not yet been activated. An unknown experiment is an alien experiment that has already been activated yet we know next-to-nothing about.

Experiment 204 - Nosox (confirmed name; 10 post down)

One of many "joke" experiments in the series that is referred to but never actually makes an appearance, this experiment hides socks.

Experiment 239 - Stopgo (confirmed name; 10 post down)

Another "joke" experiment, this one causes traffic jams.

Experiment 251 - Link

Unactivated pod.

Experiment 277 - Snooty

Unactivated pod.

Experiment 340 - Nodessertro

Yet another "joke" experiment - this experiment steals pudding.

Experiment 505 - Ploot (confirmed number)

Unactivated pod. This will be updated when the episode airs on Earth Day, which is Friday.

Experiment 567

Appeared in 627's episode, unactivated. Its powers are unknown.

Experiment 607

Appeared in 627's episode, unactivated. Its powers are unknown.

Experiment 628

After Experiment 627, is defeated, Jumba mentions that he hopes to have better luck next time. He then places an unactivated experiment pod numbered 628 in the safe on board his ship. 628’s powers are not yet known.

Unactivated Pod - Remmy

Unknown Experiment (Episode: Skip)

This experiment is shown in the episode "Skip". It arrests Skip and Stitch sometime in the future. It was a giant green crab-like creature with a containment pod in its stomach. It's number, name, and function are unknown, yet it has been shown that it can split up.

Unactivated Pod - Retro


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