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Red (color)

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Red is a color at the lowest frequencies of light discernible by the human eye. Red light has a wavelength of roughly 700 nm. Oxygenated blood is red due to the presence of hemoglobin. Red light is the first to be absorbed by sea water, so that many fish and marine invertebrates that appear bright red are black in their native habitat.

Red is an additive primary colour, complementary to cyan. It was once considered to be a subtractive primary colour, and is still sometimes described as such in non-scientific literature; however, the colours cyan, magenta and yellow are now known to be closer to the true primary colours detected by the eye, and are used in modern colour printing.

Lower frequencies are called infrared, or far red.

A red filter used in black and white photography increases contrast in most scenes. For example, combined with a polarizer, it can turn the sky black. Films simulating the effects of infrared film (such as Ilford's SFX 200) do so by being much more sensitive to red than to other colors.


Usage, symbolism, colloquial expressions

Color Coordinates

 Hex triplet = #FF0000 or #F00
 RGB    (r, g, b)    =  (255, 0, 0)
 CMYK   (c, m, y, k) =  (0, 255, 255, 0)
 HSV    (h, s, v)    =  (0, 100, 100)


  • Scarlet - a shade of red that tends towards red-orange and has no hint of blue
  • Vermilion - a fiery shade of red that tends toward red-orange to a silghtly greater degree than scarlet, prepared from cinnabar, the artificial red sulphide of mercury used as a pigment
  • Pink - a very light, unsaturated red, traditionally the color of carnations
  • Maroon - a deep, dark, brownish (desaturated) red
  • Venetian Red (also known as India Red or Indian Red) - A shade of brownish red prepared from sulphate of iron.
  • Carmine - a dark, blue-tinged red traditionally the color of a dye made from the cochineal insect
  • Rose is a range of colors on the blue side of red
    • Damask specifically refers to the color of the Damask rose.
  • Crimson - a shade of red that has no hint of yellow and leans towards red-violet
  • Cerise - another dark blue-red
  • "Fire Engine Red" - an intense red commonly used on emergency vehicles
  • "Jungle Red" was the nail polish color in The Women.
  • Peach is a range of colors on the yellow side of red and generally tending toward a light tint.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

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