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Friday is the day of the week between Thursday and Saturday. Its name is derived from the goddess Frige of Germanic mythology.

In most areas with a five-day working week, Friday is the last workday before the weekend and is therefore viewed as a cause for celebration or relief, leading to the expression TGIF, an abbreviation for Thank God It's Friday or Thank Goodness It's Friday. (The phrase was popularized by a movie during the 1970s.) Friday is also the inspiration for the restaurant, aptly named, T.G.I. Friday's. In Western culture, references to Friday can be found in many places:

  • In the popular rhyme, "Friday's Child is loving and giving".
  • Friday was the name of a cannibal, who became the servant of Robinson Crusoe.
  • Cadbury promoted a chocolate bar with the slogan Thank Crunchie it's Friday.
  • In a reference to "TGI Friday", maverick British television host Chris Evans created the television program TFI Friday , its initials supposedly standing for "Thank Four It's" (Four being a reference to Channel 4, the television station) – any other meaning for the F was a matter for the viewer's own imagination.
  • Friday is a book by Robert A. Heinlein.
  • Friday is also a movie featuring rapper Ice Cube.

In Islam, Friday is the day of public worship in mosques (see Friday prayers). However, in some Islamic countries, the week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday, just like the Jewish and Christian week. In others, such as Iran and Afghanistan, the week begins on Saturday and ends on Friday.

The Jewish Sabbath begins at sunset on Friday and runs until sunset on Saturday.

In some cultures, Friday is considered unlucky, especially if this is Friday the 13th, 13 being an unlucky number. This is particularly so in maritime circles; in one (probably untue) story a Royal Navy ship HMS Friday was laid down on a Friday, launched on a Friday and captained by a Captain Friday and was never heard of again.

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