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Stargate SG-1 Cast
Stargate SG-1 Cast

Stargate SG-1 is a television series based upon the 1994 science fiction movie Stargate. MGM owns and licenses the show. The first episode was broadcast on July 27, 1997 on Showtime, which aired the series' first five seasons. Seasons six, seven, and eight were awarded to the SciFi Channel. During the eighth season (2004) the SciFi Channel began airing the first season of the spinoff series Stargate Atlantis. In November of 2004 the SciFi channel announced that SG-1 will be renewed for a ninth season, although none of the original cast members have yet signed contracts; this makes SG-1 tied with the X-Files as the longest running SciFi drama series on American television. The show has undeniable popularity, in part because—unlike other sci-fi franchises such as Star Trek or Babylon 5—it is set in the present day.



See Stargate for a general summary of this universe.

The series follows the adventures of four explorers designated as SG-1, who use an alien artifact called a 'Stargate' to travel the vast distances between planets, operating under the aegis of the United States Government. The very existence of the Stargate Command, and all of its activities, are considered SCI-classified ("Sensitive Compartmented Information"), utilizing a covert top secret cover.

Originally led by Major General George Hammond, Stargate Command is based out of Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. At the end of season seven Hammond was promoted to Lieutenant General and reassigned to the "Office of Homeworld Security" in the Pentagon. Doctor Elizabeth Weir assumed command of the SGC for a short time, after which she was reassigned to the Antarctic base and, subsequently, team leader of the "Atlantis" team (See Stargate Atlantis). Jack O'Neill was promoted to Brigadier General and consequently he promoted Samantha Carter to Lieutenant Colonel and team leader of SG-1. The U.S. Air Force is in direct charge of the Stargate program, although there is at least one SG team comprised of Marines, and also at least one Russian team.

One of the most endearing qualities of the Stargate SG-1 series is that it takes place in the present day. Whereas humans, as depicted in the series, may be technologically behind some of the other races the Stargate teams have met, they are rapidly gaining the ability to fight, defend and benefit from the advances they have been exposed to in both significant and material ways.

The primary goal of the SG teams is to travel to other worlds through the Stargate and procure alien technology to help defend Earth against the Goa'uld, who became aware of the planet's now relatively advanced civilisation after the recovery of Earth's Stargate and the subsequent destruction of Ra, the supreme Goa'uld System Lord (the events depicted in the 1994 movie). Continually frustrated in their initial attempts to acquire advanced technology to fight the Goa'uld from more advanced species and other offshoots of humanity, three attempts were made to reverse-engineer alien technology so that Earth could build its own starships, leading to the production of the F-302 and BC-303 models.

The USAF cooperates closely with the makers of the program. This cooperation is such that two successive Chiefs of Staff of the USAF, Generals Michael Ryan and John P. Jumper, have appeared in the show, playing themselves. Ryan originally appeared in the episode "Prodigy" (4x19) because of his fascination with science fiction, especially space exploration. Jumper made a cameo appearance in "Lost City" (7x22), the episode that was originally slated to be the show's last. In addition to these appearances, the Air Force Association recognized Richard Dean Anderson at its 57th annual dinner on September 14, 2004 for his work as actor and executive producer of the show and "for the show's continuous positive depiction of the Air Force". [1]

Alien races

There are several alien races in Stargate SG-1.


  • Goa'uld: The dominant parasitic lifeforms of this galaxy. Goa'ulds are snake-like aliens who burrow into the upper spinal cords of humans or humanoids and take control of the "host's" body and mind. They impersonate gods of earth mythology. They have trace amounts of Naquadah in their blood.
  • The Jaffa: Humanoid species with marsupial-like pouches, genetically engineered from humans. Their pouches serve to incubate a Goa'uld larva for approximately 100 earth years. The symbiont gives strong healing capabilities and strength to the Jaffa. The Jaffa constitute the majority of the military strength of the System Lords.
  • Tok'ra: Opposing the Goa'uld are the Tok'ra (literally "Against Ra") a rogue race of Goa'uld who have come to ally with the Tauri (humans from Earth) against the System Lords.
  • The Unas: the first host for the Goa'uld, they coexisted with them on their original planet. Few Unas are still used as hosts while most others have been abandoned.

The "four great races"

A group who, at one time, would come to a particular planet (unknown to the Goa'uld) and interact as "a sharing of clans to share a common interest".

  • The Asgard: Physically identical to Greys, the Asgard are a benevolent, highly advanced and evolved race who have visited Earth on many occasions from another galaxy (Ida), who also gave rise to the Norse legends. Fortunately for Earth, they also oppose the Goa'uld.
  • The Ancients: an advanced originally humanoid race, possibly originating on Earth in the distant past, credited with building the system of Stargates.
  • The Nox: a peaceful and fairy-like people, capable of reviving the dead and rendering even large objects invisible.
  • The Furlings: Nothing is known about the Furlings, save that they are a member of the alliance of four great races. However, occasional artifacts attributed to the Furlings have been identified.


  • The Replicators: a mechanical life form composed of building blocks using Nanotechnology. They strive to increase their numbers by assimilating advanced technologies. They are opposed primarily by the Asgard.
  • The Gadmeer: existed for thousands of years, before being wiped out. They created a ship for the purpose of terraforming a new planet for them.
  • The Re'tu: Enemies of the Goa'uld. They appear to be large spider-like creatures. They exist 180 degrees away from the normal making them invisible except under a TER.
  • The Re'ol: Almost wiped out by the Goa'uld, the Re'ol have a unique natural defense: one of their secretions is used to create memories. A Re'ol managed to infiltrate SG-1 in the episode "The Fifth Man" as Lt. Tyler.
  • The Oannes: Nem and Omaroca are the only members of this species known. In the episode "Fire and Water". Nem kidnaps Daniel Jackson to find out what happened to his mate.
  • The Surrakin: Seen in "Forsaken" and "Space Race", the Surrakin helped free the Hebridans from the Goa'uld a long time ago.
  • The Spirits: Seen in the episode "Spirits" the race posed as the Salish gods.

There are several lesser alien species in the show.

Human civilizations on other planets

The Goa'uld used Stargates to transport large numbers of humans to other planets for use as slaves. Some of these groups were later abandoned and developed on their own to a level of technology far greater than that of contemporary Earth. The premise is that had this world not experienced the Dark Ages, it would also have developed to such advanced levels.

Advanced human civilizations

  • Aschen: A seemingly benevolent race, SGC made contact with them through the Stargate (which they had not yet learned to use). They agreed to help, although it was discovered they had another agenda.
  • The Hebridans : Descended from Celtic Islanders, this race is perhaps one or two hundred years ahead of Earth. First seen in "Forsaken".
  • The Orbanians : A Race that uses Nanotechnology to greatly enhance and accelerate learning. First seen in "Learning Curve".
  • The Tollan: Highly advanced race of humans on the planet Tollana. They have a policy strictly forbidding the sharing of technology with less-advanced races, for fear they would destroy themselves with it.

Less advanced human civilizations

  • Bedrosian s:
  • Cimmerians: A race descended from the Norse Vikings.
  • Edoran s:
  • Latonan s:
  • Langaran s: A race with technology on par of mid 20th Century Earth, their planet consists of three countries: the Kelownan s: (Jonas Quinn's people.), the Terranian s, and the Andari Federation
  • Nasyan s:
  • Madronan s:
  • Pangaran s: The people who first developed Tretonin.
  • Salish : A race descended from ancient Native Americans.
  • Tagrean s:
  • Volian s:
  • Vyan s:


There exist a number of more technologically advanced races and societies on the show, who have produced a variety of highly-advanced weapons, tools, and spacecraft. Some of these are listed below.

  • Earth technology:
    • X-301. Initial attempt to reverse engineer a space craft using alien technology.
    • X-302. Second attempt to create a craft using alien technology, included first use of a man-made FTL device, a hyperspace window. Went into production as F-302.
    • X-303. Third attempt to create a craft using alien technology. Larger craft capable of creating a hyperspace window. Went into production as BC-303.
    • P90. The weapon of choice for SG-1; different teams have different weapons.
    • GDO (short for "Garage Door Opener). Used to transmit a coded radio signal to transmit an Iris Deactivation Code (IDC) to Stargate Command through the event horizon of the Stargate.
    • Iris. Blocks incoming traffic and is deactivated by a GDO. It was developed to prevent other alien races from just dialing Earth and invading.
    • MALP. Robotic probe device used to explore alien planets without endangering personnel.
    • FRED. The Field Remote Expeditionary Device is a six-wheeled cargo transport vehicle used to carry supplies through the Stargate.
    • UAV. (abbreviation of "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle"). Used as a long-range reconnaisance vehicle. Also a modified version, "paints" targets with a red laser beam, to guide missile attacks from the SGC through the stargate. The UAV in use by the SGC is the Predator.
  • Goa'uld technology:
    • Zat. A commonly used weapon, the zat'ni'katel is typically used to render a victim unconscious.
    • Staff weapon. Originally seen in the movie Stargate, it is an energy blast weapon, and the standard firearm for the Jaffa.
    • Hand Device. Ra's glove weapon from the movie Stargate. This is the personal weapon of the Goa'uld hosts themselves.
    • Sarcophagus. Used to revive the dead and heal the wounded. It also serves to extend the life of the Goa'uld.
    • Death Glider. Fast attack fighter, generally piloted by Jaffa in service to a Goa'uld.
    • Al'kesh. Mid-range bomber, equipped with energy weapons, a cargo hold, and a Ring Transporter.
    • Ha'tak Mothership. Goa'uld Mothership, the most powerful standard vessel in the Goa'uld fleet.
    • Ring Transporter. A teleportation system in use by the Goa'uld and Tok'ra.
    • Healing Device . Worn on the hand in a manner similar to a hand device, it allows a Goa'uld or former host to heal injuries.
  • Tollan technology
    • Ion cannon. Served to protect the Tollan planet of Tollana from Goa'uld attack.
    • weapon disabler. Does just as the name suggests, disabling weapons of the visitors to the Tollan homeworld. Typically placed in the entrance-ways of important government buildings. To emphasize this point the only use seen in the series is while SG-1 is entering into the Triad room, similar to a courtroom.
    • The Tollan also possessed portable devices that allowed person-sized objects to pass through solid matter.
  • Ancient technology
    • The Stargates were created and distributed by the Ancients, along with DHDs (short for "Dial Home Device") to control them (although it should be noted that the Tollan were able to reverse-engineer the technology and construct their own stargate with the help of the Nox).
    • Time Travel Machine, failed Ancient attempt to make a time travel device to save themselves.
    • DNA Resequencer, device use by Nirrti in episode 616: "METAMORPHOSIS". Nirrti used it to corrupt the DNA of people living in a nearby village.
    • Repository, device that stores the collective knowledge of the ancients. Seen in the episode "Fifth Race", and more recently in "The Lost City, Part 1". The knowledge transfer from this device can cause serious problems for beings whose physiology is not prepared to take the strain.
    • Zero Point Module, a device used by the Ancients to power their technology from zero-point energy. It is more powerful and efficient than any energy source on Earth, and can last for hundreds of years. Jack O'Neill manages to obtain one at an abandonded Ancient outpost and uses it to power Ancient weaponry to repel Anubis' attack on Earth. The same ZPM is also what allows Stargate Command to open a wormhole the Pegasus Galaxy, providing the backdrop for Stargate Atlantis.


A number of different planets are seen throughout the series.

  • Earth: The homeworld of the Tauri (humans from Earth) and the Ancients.
  • Chulak: a Jaffa homeworld, controlled by Apophis.
  • Abydos: the planet visited in the original Stargate movie, as well as several times during the series.
  • Tollana : the homeworld of the Tollan until their destruction.
  • Hanka : P8X-789, the homeworld of Dr. Fraiser's adopted daughter, the population of which was wiped out by a plague set in motion by Nirrti.
  • Altair : P3X-989, the homeworld of Harlan, the first robotic lifeform seen in the series.
  • Langara : homeworld of Jonas Quinn
  • Halla : The Asgard world of origin. Halla's sun was artificially collapsed into a black hole in a failed attempt to eradicate the replicators.
  • The Alpha Site : an uninhabited world set up in case Earth has to be evacuated.

There are also many lesser planets.


Major Characters
      • Maj./Lt. Gen. George Hammond –   Don S. Davis
      • Col./Brig. Gen. Jack O'Neill –   Richard Dean Anderson
      • Capt./Maj./Lt. Col. Samantha Carter –   Amanda Tapping
      • Dr. Daniel Jackson –   Michael Shanks
      • Teal'c –   Christopher Judge
      • Jonas Quinn –   Corin Nemec
      • Dr. (Capt./Maj.) Janet Fraiser –   Teryl Rothery
      • Unknown (announced for season 9) –   Ben Browder
Recurring Characters
      • Maj. Gen. Jacob Carter/Selmak –   Carmen Argenziano
      • Master Bra'tac –   Tony Amendola
      • Senator/Vice-President Robert Kinsey –   Ronny Cox
      • Col. Maybourne –   Tom McBeath
      • Col. Frank Simmons –   John de Lancie
      • Major Paul Davis –   Colin Cunningham
      • MSgt. Walter Harriman –   Gary Jones
      • MSgt. Siler –   Dan Shea
      • Lord Apophis –   Peter Williams
      • Lord Anubis –   David Palffy
      • Lord Ba'al –   Cliff Simon
      • Lord Yu-huang Shang Ti –   Vince Crestejo
      • Thor –   Michael Shanks (voice)
      • Loki –   Peter DeLuise (voice)
      • Aldwin –   William deVry
      • Martouf –   JR Bourne
      • Rya'c –   Neil Denis
      • Kasuf –   Erick Avari
      • Skaara –   Alexis Cruz


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