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Paul Lynde

Paul Lynde (full name Paul Edward Lynde) (June 13, 1926January 10, 1982) was an American comedian and actor. He was born in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Lynde was a noted character actor, most notable as Uncle Arthur on Bewitched and the befuddled father in Bye Bye Birdie. He was also the center square on the Hollywood Squares game show.

He also did extensive voice work on animated cartoons, particularly those of Hanna-Barbera Productions. Lynde's most notable Hanna-Barbera roles were those of Sylvester Sneakly (aka "The Hooded Claw") in The Perils Of Penelope Pitstop, Mildew Wolf from The Cattanooga Cats and Laff-a-Lympics, and Templeton the rat from the animated feature Charlotte's Web.

Lynde was found dead of a heart attack in bed in his Beverly Hills home. The coroner who examined Lynde's body said that the 54-year-old had the heart of an 80-year-old. This condition was brought on by years of extreme substance abuse. Lynde is interred at Amity Cemetery in Amity, Ohio .

Lynde was gay but did not publicize the fact.

Hollywood Squares quips

Q: What is a "dual purpose cow?"
Lynde: It gives milk and cookies. But I wouldn't recommend the cookies.

Q: Why do the Hells Angels wear leather?
Lynde: Because chiffon wrinkles so easily.

Q: Henry Kissinger once visited Japan and went into a geisha house. What did he do while he was there?
Lynde: Negotiating for peace.

Q: What does Superman wear under his suit?
Lynde: A dickie.

Q: Why would you throw a lemon down a garbage disposal?
Lynde: Because it was very, very naughty.

Q: True or false: Roma legend has it that God made the people of the world in a large oven.
Lynde: (looks at Leslie Uggums ) Looks like you were overcooked.

Q" What do you do if you are driving downhill and your brakes give out?
Lynde: Honk if you love Jesus.

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