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Montgomery Scott

Montgomery Scott, usually known as Scotty, is a character in Star Trek: The Original Series, played by James Doohan. He served as the Starship Enterprise's chief engineer, spoke with a thick Scottish accent, and was seen as a 'miracle-worker'. The character was reportedly born in Aberdeen, Scotland. He appeared in the first seven Star Trek movies, and an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation: "Relics".

Scotty's role in operating the Enterprise transporter system inspired the popular catchphrase "Beam me up, Scotty", which gained currency in popular culture even beyond Star Trek fans, though that exact phase was apparently never heard in any episode of the show.

Continuity questions

Scotty's appearance at the christening of the Enterprise-B (Star Trek: Generations) raises some continuity questions. He had last appeared in The Next Generation episode "Relics", shot before anyone began exploring the subject of the final fate of the original crew. When rescued by William T. Riker and Geordi LaForge and upon hearing the name Enterprise, he immediately assumed that Captain Kirk came to the rescue yet again. Since Scotty's disappearance would obviously have to take place after he witnessed the loss of Kirk, it is generally assumed that in his old age, he either forgot about Kirk's loss, simply does not wish to acknowledge or believe it (Kirk having defied death a number of times), or that his stay in the 24th century was brief and he eventually returned to the 23rd century prior to the events of 2293. Additionally, one should bear in mind that Scotty does drink a lot.

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