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Starship Enterprise

The United Star Ship Enterprise is a starship (a fictional type of spacecraft) in the fictional Star Trek universe, a science-fiction setting.

The various starships named <em>Enterprise</em>

Top Row (Left-To-Right):   NCC-1701-C,   NX-01,   NCC-1701,   NCC-1701-E

Bottom Row (Left-To-Right):   NCC-1701-D,   NCC-1701-B,   NCC-1701-A

The USS Enterprise was once referred to as the "United Space Ship Enterprise", but ever since has always been "United Star Ship". Since Starfleet is unrelated to the United States armed forces, any similarity between this phrase and the American warship prefix "United States Ship" is purportedly coincidental. However, the prefix is intended to play off of the affinity that many have for the USS Enterprise series of naval vessels.

In honor of Star Trek, as well as the real vessels, a real space shuttle was also named Enterprise by NASA. To return the favor, a starship in Star Trek: Enterprise was named for the lost Space Shuttle Columbia. The second USS Enterprise aircraft carrier appeared in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Not only the name, but also the associated hull number ("NCC-1701," with an appended serial letter after the first one; "NX-01" for the first ship with the name, in the Star Trek: Enterprise series—X presumably standing for experimental) has been bestowed upon different fictional ships at different times:


List of starships bearing the name

The Starship Enterprises that have been seen in the various TV series and movies to date are as follows

The existence of an Enterprise-J indicates the existence of an Enterprise-F, -G, -H, and -I at some point in history.

An additional spaceship (not necessarily starship) Enterprise is visible in an illustration on display in the recreation room of the NCC-1701 in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Nothing is known of this starship, which has never been shown in any later movie or TV series, except that it predates the NCC-1701. There is some conjecture that it might have been a low-warp, or even pre-warp spaceship that predated the NX-01, but this is, at best, fanon.

List of Captains








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