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Lot is:

  1. A French département, see Lot (département)
  2. A French river, a tributary of the Garonne, see Lot River
  3. A Belgian town, see Lot, Belgium
  4. A Biblical figure, the nephew of Abraham, see Lot (biblical)
  5. Something used to take part in a lottery
  6. Lot, a character in Arthurian Legend
  7. A character in the children's television show Sesamstraat, see Lot (Sesamstraat)
  8. A monarch of the Kingdom of Hawaii, see Kamehameha V
  9. A Polish Airline, see LOT Polish Airlines
  10. A parking lot
  11. A specific identified piece of land that is real property, often on which homes or other buildings are built
  12. Job lot
  13. Lot size
  14. A Russian unit of weight, see lot

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