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Finland Proper

Finland Proper, Varsinais-Suomi or Egentliga Finland, is a historical province in south western Finland. It borders to Satakunda, Tavastia and Nylandia. It is also bounded by the Baltic sea facing Åland. There is also a modern region by the name Finland Proper. Finland Proper is not to be confused with Mainland Finland.

Egentliga Finland
Coat of Arms
Land Österland
Province Western Finland
Region Finland Proper
Area - km²
Map highlighting the location of Finland Proper


Main article: Western Finland

Finland Proper is comprised within the boundaries of the administrative province of Western Finland.


Main article: History of Finland Proper

The province, which had been a part of Sweden from the 12th century, separated when Finland was ceded to Russia in 1809. The provinces has no administrative function today but lives on as a historical legacy in both countries.


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Main article: Heraldry of Finland Proper

Arms granted at the burial of Gustav I of Sweden in 1560. The arms is crowned by a dukal coronet, though by Finnish tradition this more resembles a Swedish countal coronet. Blazon: "Gules, a crowned jousting helmet in front of two lances in saltire, all or. On each lance is attached a forked hanging flag azure, charged with a Scandinavian cross or."

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