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Gustav Vasa

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Gustav Vasa
Reign June 6, 1523September 29 1560
(Regency from August 1521)
Coronation January 12, 1528
Royal Motto Omnis potestas a Deo est
(All power is of God)
Queens Catherine of Saxe-Lauenburg
Margareta Leijonhufvud
Katarina Stenbock
Royal House Vasa
Birth Probably May 12 1496
(Lindesholm , Uplandia)
Death September 29 1560
(Stockholm, Sweden)
Place of Burial Uppsala Cathedral, Uppsala

Gustav I of Sweden, Gustav Vasa or Gustav Eriksson Vasa (1496September 29, 1560), became king of Sweden in 1523 and was the first monarch of the house of Vasa. He had become regent of Sweden in 1521 after leading the rebellion against the sitting monarch of the Kalmar Union. He also introduced Protestantism in Sweden.

Gustav's first wife was Catherine of Saxe-Lauenburg (15131535), whom he married on 24 September 1531. They had a son:

  1. Eric XIV (15331577)

On 1 October 1536 he married his second wife, Margareta Leijonhufvud (15141551). Their children were:

  1. John III (Johan III) (15371592)
  2. Katharina (15391610)
  3. Cecilia (15401627)
  4. Magnus (15421595)
  5. Carl (1544)
  6. Anna Maria (15451610)
  7. Sten (15461549)
  8. Sofia (15471611)
  9. Elisabeth (15491598)
  10. Charles IX (Carl IX) (15501611)

In 1552 he married his third wife, Katarina Stenbock (15351621).

Commemorative coin on the 4th centennial of Gustav Vasa's regency (1921)
Commemorative coin on the 4th centennial of Gustav Vasa's regency (1921)

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Preceded by:
Christian II
King of Sweden Succeeded by:
Eric XIV

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