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Excessive case

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Declension in English

The excessive case is a grammatical case, which denotes a transition away from a state. It is a rare case found in certain dialects of Balto-Finnic languages . It completes the series of "to/in/from a state" series consisting of the translative case, the essive case and the excessive case.


The excessive is found only in Savo and southeastern dialects; speakers from other regions do not recognise it. Its ending is -nta/ntä. For example, tärähtäneentä terveeksi = "from looney to healthy", or a state change from mental illness to mental health.


In the general pattern of the loss of a final vowel when compared to Finnish, the Estonian excessive ending is -nt. For example, tagant = from behind (something).

A Finnish text on the dialectal excessive:

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