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Ablative case

Grammatical cases
List of grammatical cases
Abessive case
Ablative case
Absolutive case
Adessive case
Allative case
Causal case
Causal-final case
Comitative case
Dative case
Dedative case
Delative case
Disjunctive case
Distributive case
Distributive-temporal case
Elative case
Essive case
Essive-formal case
Essive-modal case
Excessive case
Final case
Formal case
Genitive case
Illative case
Inessive case
Instructive case
Instrumental case
Lative case
Locative case
Modal case
Multiplicative case
Oblique case
Objective case
Partitive case
Possessive case
Postpositional case
Prepositional case
Prolative case
Prosecutive case
Separative case
Sociative case
Sublative case
Superessive case
Temporal case
Terminative case
Translative case
Vialis case
Vocative case
Morphosyntactic alignment
Absolutive case
Accusative case
Ergative case
Instrumental case
Instrumental-comitative case
Intransitive case
Nominative case
Declension in English

The ablative case is a case found in e.g. Latin and Sanskrit. The Latin ablative combines the Indo-European ablative (indicating "from"), instrumental (indicating "with" or "by") and locative (indicating "in") cases. From these original meanings several others developed, including the ablative of cause (indicating "caused by"), the ablative of time (indicating "at the time of", deriving from the locative), and the ablative absolute.

In Latin, the ablative case has absorbed the functions of the old instrumental case and the former locative case. The ablative absolute construction in Latin, bane of many students, is a development from these uses of the ablative.

In the Finnish language (suomi), the ablative case is the sixth of the locative cases with the basic meaning "from off of" - a poor English equivalent, but necessary to distinguish it from "from out of" which would be Elative case.

The other locative cases in Finnish are:

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