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Margaret Tudor

Margaret Tudor (November 28, 1489 - November 24,1541), the daughter of Henry VII of England and Elizabeth of York, was a notable figure in the 16th century history of Scotland and England. She was born on November 28, 29 or 30, 1489 at the Palace of Westminster in London. She married three times; all to scions of the House of Stuart.

Her first marriage was to James IV of Scotland. When he was killed in 1513, their son became James V. Margaret Tudor became the Regent for her infant son, but following her marriage the following year to Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus, she lost the regency to John Stuart, 2nd Duke of Albany , who subsequently gained custody of the child. Margaret fled to England, not returning to Scotland until 1517, during Albany's absence.

Margaret Tudor
Margaret Tudor

With Angus, Margaret had a daughter, Margaret Douglas, who became the mother of Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley, who married Mary Queen of Scots and fathered James VI of Scotland. It was not long, however, before she became estranged from Angus, who now had custody of the infant king, who had been proclaimed in 1524, until the latter managed to escape in 1528.

Meanwhile, Margaret had divorced Angus in 1527, and married Henry Stewart , later Lord Methven. When the young king escaped from Angus the following year, he joined his mother and Methven, who became his chief advisers for a time. Margret's relationship with her son ended in estrangement, however, as he refused his mother's attempts to arrange a meeting between him and her brother, Henry VIII of England, accusing her of betrayal. His refusal to allow her to divorce Methven further damaged their already fractured relationship.

Margaret died of palsy at Methven Castle, in Perthshire. She was buried at the Carthusian Abbey of St John in Perth.

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