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Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor

Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor (November 1165September 28, 1197) was king of Germany 1190-1197, and Holy Roman Emperor 1191-1197.

Constance of Sicily was betrothed to Henry in 1184, and they were married two years later, on January 27, 1186. Henry and Constance were crowned Emperor and Empress in 1191, a year after Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor died.

Emperor Henry VI deposed William III of Sicily, his wife's great nephew and the last of Sicily's Norman kings, and was crowned king of Sicily in Palermo in 1194. He then entered Rome in 1196, and was crowned by Pope Celestine III. His accession to the throne of Sicily united the northern and southern lands of the empire and deeply alarmed other Mediterranean powers.

Parentage and children

Frederick II of Swabia Judith of Bavaria Renald III of Burgundy Agatha of Lorraine
Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor Beatrix of Burgundy
Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor
Spouse(s) Children
Constance of Sicily Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor

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