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Flag days in Sweden

By Swedish law a number of days of the calendar year are designated as official flag days. This means that the Flag of Sweden is flown on all public flag poles and buildings. Hoisting of the Swedish flag on private flag poles on these days is also strongly encouraged, however omitting to do so is no longer a punishable offence.

The Swedish flag
The Swedish flag

Flying of the flag is permissible from sunrise to sunset. In general this means from 8 AM to 8 PM. During winter the time from sunrise to sunset is often less than 12 hours in the whole of Sweden and during this time the actual daylight hours should be observed. In the parts of Sweden north of the polar circle the sun doesn't rise at all for some weeks during December. One example of handling this is the practice of the Infantry Regiment in Kiruna, which during this period flies the flag for one hour each day starting at noon.

May 9 is not an official Swedish flag day. It receives its status from being a European Union flag day, and the fact that Sweden is a member country of the European Union. In Sweden this is observed by flying the Swedish flag side by side with the European Union flag on public flag poles and buildings.

Official flag days

Date English Name Local Name Remarks
January 1 New Year's Day Nyårsdagen  
January 28 Namesday of the King Konungens namnsdag H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf
March 12 Namesday of the Heir Apparent Kronprinsessans namnsdag H.R.H. Princess Victoria
Moveable Sunday Easter Sunday Påskdagen  
April 30 Birthday of the King Konungens födelsedag H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf
May 1 May Day Första maj  
May 9 Europe day Europadagen European Union flag day
Moveable Sunday Pentecost Pingstdagen 50 days after Easter
June 6 National Day of Sweden Sveriges Nationaldag Flag day but not an official holliday
Third Saturday of June Midsummer Day Midsommardagen  
July 14 Birthday of the Heir Apparent Kronprinsessans födelsedag H.R.H. Princess Victoria
August 8 Namesday of the Queen Drottningens namnsdag H.M. Queen Silvia
Third Sunday of September Election Day Dag för val till riksdagen Elections held every four years
October 24 United Nations Day FN-dagen  
November 6 Day of Gustavus Adolpus Gustav Adolfsdagen Battle of Lützen 1632
December 10 Alfred Nobel Day Nobeldagen The Nobel Awards Ceremony
December 23 Birthday of the Queen Drottningens födelsedag H.M. Queen Silvia
December 25 Christmas Day Juldagen  

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