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The Evangelical Movement of Wales was born in the 1940s, it came to light as a counter move by reformed Christians (see Reformed theology) to the liberal theology which got in to the protestant denominations of Wales during the 20th century. Individuals of Evangelical persuasion got together to try and do something to counter attack the rotting of the old Calvinistic bible-based Welsh Christian heritage. The Movementís first initiative was to publish Y Cylchgrawn Efengylaidd (The Evangelical Magazine, first edition published in 1948), although the magazine was originally published in Welsh soon a sister magazine was published in English as well.

The General Secretary of the Movement for 45 years and one of its founders was Rev J. Elwyn Davies, these are his words:

"the Movement became a focus for fellowship, nurture and service for Christians who found themselves placed at a considerable disadvantage in churches and denominations which, to a very considerable extent, had departed from the main tenets of the Christian faith".

The Movement along with one of its main advocates Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones (see also Gareth Davies (preacher)) has been very influential in the trend that has been among many Evangelical Christians in Wales and beyond. Experiencing increasing hostility within the denominations, a number of pastors and congregations left in the 1950s and 1970s and independent evangelical churches have since been established in many parts of the country.

The Evangelical Movement of Wales Today

The Movement is a fellowship of churches and individuals who accept the Holy Scriptures, as originally given, as the infallible Word of God and of divine inspiration, and who recognise them as their sole authority in all matters of faith and practice.

What are the Movementís aims?

The Movement has been raised up in order to serve both English and Welsh speakers. In the light of this, where appropriate, parallel and corresponding status is given to both languages in pursuing their aims:

  • The promotion of a true and faithful witness to the fundamental truths of the Christian faith and to the essential spiritual unity of those who subscribe to it.
  • To bring others to a personal knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and to encourage such to live a godly life.
  • To foster evangelism, experiential religion and a concern for revival.
  • To provide means for uniting and co-ordinating the witness and fellowship of evangelical churches, fellowships and individual Christians.
  • The formation and supervision of evangelical fellowships.
  • The publication distribution and sale of English & Welsh literature consistent with the doctrinal belief of the movement and to facilitate the same to open such shops and other outlets as may be necessary for these purposes.
  • To provide Christian workers who subscribe to the movement's doctrinal belief with advice and support.
  • To provide theological education and training for persons aspiring to Christian service within the evangelical constituency.
  • To co-operate with other bodies, at home and abroad, which subscribe to the movement's doctrinal beliefs in the furtherance of the foregoing aims and objects.
  • To help Christians think and act biblically regarding the world in which they live.


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