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Martyn Lloyd-Jones

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Dr D Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981) was a protestant Christian who headed much of the Evangelical movement of the 20th century. He stood firm against what he saw as false liberal doctrines that had become a part of the denominations of Wales and England. He believed strongly that reformed evangelical Christians ought to leave the old denominations as a protest against the loose, un-biblical doctrines that were getting ever more mainstream.

He was born in Cardiff and then raised as a child in Llangeitho, Ceredigion. Llangeitho is associated with the Welsh Methodist revival, as it was the location of Daniel Rowlandís ministry. Jones went to a London Grammar School between 1914-1916 and then attended St Bartholomew's Hospital as a Medical student. In 1921 he started work as an assistant to the Royal Physician, Sir Thomas Horder . After struggling over the call to preach for two years, in 1927 he returned to Wales, having married Bethan Phillips, accepting a call to minister at Sandfields, Aberafon (Port Talbot).

After a decade ministering at Sandfields he went back to London, to Westminster Chapel , where he co-pastored with Dr Campbell Morgan. The day before he was officially to be accepted into his new position, war broke out in Europe. During the same year (1939) he became the president of the Inter-Varsity Fellowship of Students (known today as the UCCF). During the war he and his family moved to Haslemere, Surrey. In 1943 Dr Morgan retired, leaving Jones as the sole Pastor of Westminster Chapel.

He continued his ministry at Westminster Chapel until 1968, when he had a major operation and decided to retire. For the rest of his life he concentrated on editing his sermons to be published, counseling other ministers, answering letters, and attending conferences. Perhaps his most famous publication is that of a series of commentaries on the Epistle to the Romans, the first volume of which was published in 1970.

Despite spending most of his life living and ministering in England, Martyn Lloyd-Jones was proud of his roots in Wales. He best expressed his concern for his home country through his support of the Evangelical Movement of Wales: he was a regular speaker at their conferences, preaching both in English and Welsh. Since his death, the movement has published various books, in English and Welsh, bringing together selections of his sermons and articles.

He preached for the last time on June 8, 1980 at Barcombe Baptist Chapel. After a lifetime of work, he died peacefully in his sleep at Ealing on March 1, 1981: St David's Day. He was buried at Newcastle Emlyn, near Llangeitho, west Wales. A well attended thanksgiving service was held at Westminster Chapel on April 6.

Since his death there have been various publications regarding Lloyd-Jones and his work, most popularly a biography in two volumes by Iain Murray .


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