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Central Hockey League

The Central Hockey League (CHL) in its present incarnation is an American professional hockey league playing at the minor double-A level. It was created for the 1992-1993 season with six inaugural teams, all of whom remain in existence today. After several experiments in expansion and a long battle for players and markets with the Western Professional Hockey League (WPHL), the two merged in 2001. Some teams are affiliated with AHL and NHL clubs for player development.

The league is divided into four divisions. Active teams, listed by division and with their affiliated teams (NHL, AHL), include:

Northeast Division

Northwest Division

Southeast Division

Southwest Division

Former CHL teams include:

  • Border City Bandits (Texarkana, TX)
  • Columbus Cottonmouths (Columbus, GA - now members of SPHL)
  • Dallas Freeze
  • El Paso Buzzards
  • Fayetteville Force
  • Fort Worth Fire
  • Huntsville Channel Cats /Tornado
  • Indianapolis Ice -moved to Topeka-now Indiana Ice in USHL
  • Macon Whoopee (ECHL)
  • Nashville Ice Flyers /Nighthawks
  • San Antonio Iguanas
  • San Angelo Saints -suspended operations at the end of the 2004-05 season
  • Topeka ScareCrows -went to USHL-moved to St. Louis in the league
  • Topeka Tarantulas -suspended operations at the end of the 2004-05 season

The Youngstown Steelhounds (Ohio) joined for the 2005-06 season

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