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Note: After losing a court case in 2002 on the use of the initials WWF, the organization previously known as the World Wrestling Federation has rebranded itself as World Wrestling Entertainment, or WWE.

WWF - The Conservation Organization was formerly known as World Wildlife Fund and Worldwide Fund for Nature. It was founded on September 11, 1961 by, amongst others, the biologist Sir Julian Huxley, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, Max Nicholson and the naturalist and painter Sir Peter Scott who designed the original black and white panda logo. It is one of the world's largest environmental organizations. It has 28 national organisations and its world headquarters are in Gland, Switzerland.

At times in their history, major donors have included Chevron and Exxon (each donating more than $50,000 in 1988), Philip Morris, Mobil, and Morgan Guaranty Trust .

In 1985, World Wildlife Fund formally affiliated with The Conservation Foundation (CF). The two merged in 1990, and in 1991 took the name of "World Wildlife Fund, Inc." (source). Earlier, in 1986, it had been renamed "Worldwide Fund for Nature", but not in the US and Canada.

Probably the most famous name associated with the WWF is HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. The Duke was the first President of the World Wildlife Fund-UK from its foundation in 1961 to 1982, International President of WWF (1981-1996), and is now President Emeritus.

They support the Kyoto Protocol and maintain that governments should strengthen their efforts against global warming.

They are also dedicated to:

  • preserving genetic, species, and ecosystem diversity
  • ensuring that the use of natural resources is sustainable both now and in the longer term, for the benefit of all life on Earth
  • promoting action to reduce pollution and wasteful consumption to a minimum


International directors

WWF Services
  • Dr Claude Martin - Director General
  • Paul Steele - Chief Operating Officer
  • Dorothy Bray - Human Resources Development
  • Thomas Schultz-Jagow - Communications
  • Lynda Mansson - Learning Services
  • Dr Peter Kramer - Network Relations
  • Dr Timothy Geer- Government & Aid Agency Coordination
  • Mario Fetz - Fundraising & Marketing
  • Chiew Chong - Finance & Administration
International Conservation Programme
  • Dr Chris Hails - Programme Director
  • Dr Sheila O'Connor - Programme Audits
Regional Programmes
  • Dr Yaa Ntiamoa-Baidu - Africa/Madagascar
  • Dr Isabelle Louis - Asia/Pacific
  • Dr Magnus Sylvén - Europe/Middle East
  • Dr Georg Schwede - Eastern Europe/Central Asia
  • Dr Guillermo Castilleja - Latin America/Caribbean
  • Gordon Shepherd - International Policy
Global Issues
  • Jennifer Morgan - Climate Change Programme
  • Dr Chris Elliott - Forests for Life Programme
  • Jamie Pittock - Freshwater Programme
  • Dr Simon Cripps - Oceans & Coasts Programme
  • Dr Sue Lieberman - Species Programme
  • Clif Curtis - Toxics Programme
Legal Advisor
  • Michael R. Rogers, Barrister

See also: Global 200 (200 ecoregions defined by WWF as the most critical regions for conservation), ecoregion

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