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Wednesday is the day of the week between Tuesday and Thursday. The name comes from the Old English wodnesdæg meaning "Woden's day". The astrological sign of the planet Mercury represents Wednesday, which was dies mercurii to the Romans. In English, this became Woden's Day, since the Roman god Mercury was identified with Woden in northern Europe.

When Sunday is taken as the first of the week, the day in the middle of the following week is Wednesday. Correspondingly, the German name for Wednesday has been Mittwoch (literally: "mid-week") since the 10th Century, having displaced the original name: Wochentag.

Wednesday is also in the middle of the common working week from Monday through Friday. However, see also Thursday and ISO 8601.

In the popular rhyme, "Wednesday's Child is full of woe".

In Spanish, miércoles is used to mean Wednesday, but also as a semi-rude euphuism for never ever.

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