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VAN method

The VAN method is a method to predict earthquakes. It was named so after the initials of the last name of each of its inventors, the team of Greek seismologists of Panayotis Varotsos, Kessar Alexopoulos and Kostas Nomikos .

The method tries to assess electromagnetic emissions that, according to the VAN team, occur several hours before the earthquake and can be interpreted as warnings for a forthcoming catastrophe.

The efficiency of VAN in earthquake prediction is a matter of debate, as there are prominent seismologists who dispute this. One of the major opposers of VAN is the Greek seismologist Vassilis Papazachos. The debate between Papazachos and the VAN team has repeatedly caused public attention in their home country Greece and has been extensively discussed in the Greek media. As Greece is highly seismogenic and has suffered major disasters by earthquakes, the Greek public is extremely concerned over this debate.

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