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Tumen River

Tumen (Tuman) River
Chinese Name
Traditional Chinese 圖們江
Simplified Chinese 图们江
Hanyu Pinyin T˙menjiāng (tu2 men5 jiang1)
Wade-Giles T'u-man-chiang
Korean Name
McCune-Reischauer Tuman'gang
Revised Romanization Duman-gang
Hangul 두만강
Hanja 豆満江

The Tumen (Tuman) River is a river in northeast Asia, on the border between China and North Korea in its upper reaches, and between North Korea and Russia in its lower stretches. The name of the river comes from the Jurchen tumen, which means "ten thousand."

The river is 521 km long, rising in the Changbai (Changbaek) Mountains and flowing into the Sea of Japan.

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