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Tomsk Oblast

Tomsk Oblast (Russian: То́мская о́бласть) (2002 pop. 1,060,800) is a federal subject of the Russian Federation (an oblast). It lies in the southeastern West Siberian Plain, in the southwest of Siberian Federal District. The development of the territory which now belongs to the oblast began in the early 17th century. Tomsk itself was founded in 1604. Most of the oblast's 316,900 km&sup2 territory is inaccessible because it is covered with taiga woods and swamps. The oblast shares borders with Krasnoyarsk Krai, Tyumen, Omsk, Novosibirsk, and Kemerovo oblasts.

Tomsk Oblast is rich in natural resources, particularly oil, natural gas, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, peat, and underground waters. Forests are also among the most significant assets of the oblast: about 20% of the West Siberian forest resources are located in Tomsk Oblast. Industry makes up about half of the regional GDP, while agriculture contributes 19% and construction 13%. Chemical and oil industries are the most developed in the region, followed by machine construction. The oblast's major export items are: oil (62.1%), methanol (30.2%), and machines and equipment (4.8%). Oil extraction and lumbering are the major business of the region's joint ventures.

The oblast is home to 6 state higher education institutions and 47 research institutes.


Administrative Division


Tomsk Oblast consists of the following districts (Russian: районы):

  • Alexandrovsky (Александровский)
  • Asinovsky (Асиновский)
  • Bakcharsky (Бакчарский)
  • Chainsky (Чаинский)
  • Kargosoksky (Каргосокский)
  • Kolpashevsky (Колпашевский)
  • Kozhevnikovsky (Кожевниковский)
  • Krivosheinsky (Кривошеинский)
  • Molchanovsky (Молчановский)
  • Parabelsky (Парабельский)
  • Pervomaysky (Первомайский)
  • Shegarsky (Шегарский)
  • Teguldetsky (Тегульдетский)
  • Tomsky (Томский)
  • Verkhneketsky (Верхнекетский)
  • Zyryansky (Зырянский)

Cities and towns


  • Ob (Обь)
    • Tom (Томь)
    • Chulym (Чулым)
    • Chaya (Чая)
    • Ket (Кеть)
    • Parabel (Парабель)
    • Vasyugan (Васюган)
    • Tym (Тым)

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