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Strand, London

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 Strand, WC2, City of Westminster

Strand is a famous road in London, linking Trafalgar Square to Fleet Street and the City of London. The street is popularly referred to as The Strand although the street address is actually just Strand, hence, strictly speaking, "366 Strand" and not "366, The Strand". On the Monopoly board is it written as "Strand", while on the title deed card it is "The Strand". It follows the curve of the River Thames and ends at Temple Bar (the boundary of the City of London).

The name Strand comes from the Old English word for 'shore' or 'river bank'. Before the construction of The Embankment, Strand ran directly next to The Thames. Strand and Aldwych have been inhabited since Saxon times, when the area was a major place of settlement, just outside of the old Roman city walls. Throughout the Middle Ages this area remained a link of development and activity between the commercial centre to the east and the political to the west.

There are two tube stations: Charing Cross and Aldwych which is disused. Strand tube station was merged into the new Charing Cross tube station when the Jubilee Line was built (along with the Trafalgar Square tube station on the Bakerloo Line).


The Savoy Hotel and Theatre are just off Strand. Bush House is occupied by the BBC, mainly by the BBC World Service, but the BBC staff will soon be moving to another building. Their address is "BBC World Service, Strand, London WC2B 4PH, UK" but the main entrance is on the North side facing Aldwych and Kingsway.

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