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Terence Conran

Sir Terence Conran is a British designer, restaurateur and retailer.

Having started his own design practice in 1956, in 1964 he opened the first Habitat shop, which grew into a large chain selling household goods and furniture in contemporary designs. His later retail companies include the Conran Shop and Storehouse .

He has also been involved in architecture and interior design, including the Michelin Building (which he turned into the restaurant Bibendum) and the Design Museum.

Conran has also created various other London restaurants including the Soup Kitchen , Quaglino's , Mezzo , Pont de la Tour , Blueprint Cafe , Butler's Wharf Chop House , plus restaurants in various other countries.

The fashion designer Jasper Conran is his son with his ex-wife, the writer Shirley Conran .

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