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TV Western

A western television show is a cowboy story which takes place in the 'old west' and involves cowboys, cattle ranchers, miners, farmers, Indians, guns and horses. It was the most popular genre of TV show in the 1950s and 1960s, when a couple hundred of them were aired.

  1. Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.
  2. Alias Smith and Jones
  3. The Big Valley
  4. Bonanza
  5. Branded
  6. Four Feather Falls (puppet show)
  7. Gunsmoke
  8. Have Gun, Will Travel
  9. Heck Ramsey
  10. Here Come the Brides
  11. The High Chapparal
  12. The Lone Ranger
  13. Maverick
  14. Rawhide
  15. The Rifleman
  16. The Roy Rogers Show
  17. The Virginian
  18. Wagon Train TV Show
  19. Wanted, Dead or Alive
  20. The Wild Wild West
  21. Zorro

Kung Fu might also be included since it takes place in the same era.

McCloud was a fusion of the western with the modern big-city crime drama.

has similar themes but is set in Australia, so it might be called a "southern".

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