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The Sunday Times

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The Sunday Times is the name of several Sunday newspapers.


United Kingdom and Ireland

The Sunday Times is a Sunday newspaper distributed in the United Kingdom and Ireland, published by News International, a subsidiary of News Corporation.

While its sister paper, The Times, maintains a roughly equal circulation to the other main UK quality daily, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Times occupies a dominant position in the Sunday broadsheet market. Other newspapers owned by News Corp include The Times, The Sun and the News of the World. News Corp also owns the Fox Network and Sky Television.

It is noted for publishing the faked Hitler Diaries, believing them to be genuine. Other notable stories include,

  • Israeli Nuclear Weapons - using information from Mordechai Vanunu The Sunday Times published the fact that Israel had manufactured more than 100 nuclear warheads.
  • Uncaring Thatcher - The Sunday Times ran a story claiming that the Queen was upset with the style of Margaret Thatcher's leadership. This was notable as the monarch generally maintains a strictly impartial role in UK politics.

The Sunday Times usually publishes an annual league table of British universities and a similar one for Irish universities.

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The Sunday Times is also a News Corporation Sunday tabloid newspaper distributed throughout Western Australia. Despite a recent attempt to reinvigorate public interest in the newspaper, it has been steadily losing market share to The West Australian's Saturday edition amid complaints about sensationalist journalism and poor copyediting.

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Sunday Times is the Sunday Edition of The Times of India and is published by The Times Group. it carries supplements like Times Life, Times Matrimonials , Times Classifieds , in all the markets it is circulated in.

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The Times of India on the web The Times of India epaper

South Africa

Sunday Times is also a popular South African Sunday newspaper.

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The Sunday Times is also a Singaporean Sunday Singapore Press Holdings newspaper published in English. It is the Sunday edition of The Straits Times.

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Sri Lanka

The Sunday Times is also a popular Sri Lankan sunday paper .

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