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St James's Palace

Main entrance of St James's Palace, London
Main entrance of St James's Palace, London

St James's Palace is one of London's oldest and most historic palaces. It is situated on The Mall in London, England, just north of St James's Park.

St James's palace was the principal residence of the monarch in London from 1698, when Whitehall Palace was destroyed by fire, until 1837, when Queen Victoria chose to use the extended Buckingham Palace (formerly Buckingham House).

The palace is not open to the public as it is still a working palace, with the offices of the diplomatic Court of St James's and the Chapel Royal, as well as being the London residence of Princess Anne, and Princess Alexandra of Kent.

Part of St James's palace, York House , was formerly occupied by the Prince of Wales. His sons, the Princes William and Harry also had apartments there. In 2003 Prince Charles moved to the nearby Clarence House, the much loved home of the late Queen Mother.

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