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Southwestern Somalia

Southwestern Somalia is a autonomous self-proclaimed state in Somalia founded by Hassan Muhammad Nur "Shatigadud" on April 1, 2002. However, since October 3, 2002 (except for a brief period on 14-16 December 2002), the regional capital Baidoa is controlled by Sheikh Aden Madobe (reconciled with Shatigadud since September 23, 2003) and Mohamed Ibrahim Habsade . The situation remains unclear as to whether the state is now dissolved or whether Shatigadud continues to hold the title of president. As of 2005, both Shatigadud and Madobe are ministers in the central government of Prime Minister Ali Muhammad Ghedi. Note that Somalia is a country that exists solely in a de jure capacity. It has currently a de facto government in exile in Nairobi and the authority is in the hands of small groups of rival warlords.

The Regions of Somalia that are claimed as part of this entity include:

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