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Sergio Tofano

Sergio T˛fano (August 20, 1883October 28, 1973) was an Italian actor, director, playwright, scene designer and illustrator. He was born in Rome.

In 1909 Tofano made his first appearance on stage with Ermete Novelli , then joined Virgilio Talli 's company (1913-1923). He soon specialized as a comic actor, giving his role a new elegance and complexity. He worked with other famous actors and directors: Dario Niccodemi (1924-1927); Luigi Almirante and Giuditta Rissone (1927-1930), Elsa Merlini , Vittorio De Sica, Evi Maltagliati , Gino Cervi etc. During those years, he made his famous performances as Doctor Knock in Jules Romains ' play, and as Professor Toti in Luigi Pirandello's "Pensaci, Giacomino!". After the War, he worked with the most important directors, like Luchino Visconti and Giorgio Strehler .

In 1917 Tofano invented, for a children's magazine, Il Corriere dei Piccoli, a famous character, Signor Bonaventura , whose adventures lasted for more than forty years.

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